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Jason Bonner has been an artist and educator for Hattori Hanzo since 2015 and, in that time, has been one of the most prolific, well-traveled, and influential artists on the roster. “From rags to riches,” Jason’s inspiring story is unique among Hanzo’s illustrious collective of industry juggernauts. Audiences are blown away to discover how an utterly unknown barber from a tiny Florida town could rise to prominence and success when he is hoisted from obscurity by a company and culture that truly believes in the power of what CAN be joining artist and implement and unlocking an unrealized destiny.

A barber by trade- Jason, known sometimes by his brand moniker “Handsome Jack the Barber,” works with a variety of lengths and textures for men and women alike, teaching classes focusing on rock ‘n roll-inspired counterculture shapes- men’s long hair, texturizing alternatives for men and women, and his “the modern millionaire” business class barbering collection. His work has been featured in t.v., film, and print, such as American Salon and Barber Evo.

A gifted communicator, entertainer, and technician, Jason is known for his many powerful takeaways from each class. Body mechanics to tool selection, mindset to masterpiece- Jason’s classes bring it all. Listeners of all skill levels will be able to relate and connect as he intertwines priceless perspective, challenges, and encouragement woven within the tapestry of sound technical precision and creative license.

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