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With a passion for teaching and instilling confidence in others, Tab Salsman has rooted his career in hair education. He is a national platform artist and educator with two decades of experience educating and working behind the chair.

Tab’s goal is to ensure every hairdresser, regardless of their time behind the chair, will take away a fresh approach with instilled confidence to try new methods and develop their own creative styles.

Tab has an education style that merges strictly regimented disciplines he was taught early in his career with organic visual techniques. This is where he feels a hairdresser truly hits the mark for their client’s needs and lifestyles.

As a progressive hairdresser, Tab believes that cutting hair is only half of what it takes—showcasing the cut through the finish is how a complete look is achieved.
He feels it is not what you cut off, but what you leave that matters.

Whether he’s teaching or working behind the chair, Tab finds constant inspiration in the creativity and support of the beauty industry. “I love people,” he says, “and I love that over the years, we’ve grown into a community that helps each other to be the best we can be.”

Tab is based in Austin, TX. When he’s not spending time with his family or traveling, he enjoys being behind the camera creating beautiful images of hair and people.

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