Pai Mei


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  • Premium Nano powder steel (condensed micro particles)
  • Counter-Sunk Locking Tension Control
  • Brushed Handle
  • Screw-in Bumper
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 15 Day “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee


Like a high end sports car, the Pai Mei will outperform almost any shear on the market. Unlike most shears that are comprised of a blend of cast or forged steels, the Pai Mei utilizes the most advanced production techniques and is crafted from condensed micro particles of Nano powder steel, resulting in a shear of unparalleled strength and cutting ability. The unique design of the Pai Mei boasts a nearly flat thumb blade with rounded spine, combined with a curved cutting blade carrying a classic 800mm radius, creating a shear of extreme versatility and capability. Ideal for perimeter lines and bobs, the Pai Mei has the ability to cut a perfectly straight line through even the largest of sections–saving the stylist precious time on every haircut

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