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Family Shear Series


Shears Series

As hair professionals, barbers have a special set of scissor needs all their own. You value efficiency and saving time–and your tools should be tailored to provide you with the maximum amount of efficiency possible.

HH14T Shimatta Medium-Coarse Blending & Texturizing Shears - 6.0 Inches (26 Teeth)

Shears Series

With swivel versions of our most popular shears all the way up to our flagship high-carbon swivel, there is a swivel option for every stylist and barber.

HH3 Ayako Channel Cutting Shears - 5.0 Inch Swivel - Premium Molybdenum Alloy

Shear Series

Left handed hairstylists and barbers often face challenges when selecting the tools they need. Since only 10% of the population is left handed, many manufacturers simply overlook the needs of their left handed audience and default to producing right handed tools only.

HH6l Yumi - 6.0 Inches with Offset Handle - Ideal Shears for Coarse Dry Hair

Shears Series

Designed with a thumb cradle instead of a rounded thumb, we developed the HH22 to pocket the thumb for much more complete control in precision and scissor-over-comb work.

HH22 Tenshi - 5.0 Inches Precision Cutting Shears - VG10 Steel - Scissor Over Comb

Shears Series

Considered the finest cutting tools on the planet, Hattori Hanzo high carbon shears are crafted from a blend of high carbon steel that is especailly intended for the rigors of cutting dry hair.

HH1 Kamikaze Dry Slide Cutting Shears - 5.5 Inches Right Handed - Ergonomic Handle

Shears Series

Hattori Hanzo’s Mamba family of shears and texturizers are among a rarified group of some of the finest haircutting scissors made today. Crafted of high-carbon Japanese steel, Mambas are used by legions of the world’s best hairdressers and barbers.

HHV Mamba - 4.5 Inches Right Handed High Carbon Professional Shears - Screw-in Bumper

Shears Series

Made from a specialized, high-carbon Japanese stainless steel, the Eighty-Eights are a great set of shears for both wet and dry cutting. This line features four shear lengths, dual removable tangs, straight handles, and a tried-and-true zero-offset ring configuration.

HH88 Eighty-Eight - 5.0 Inches - Zero Offset Ring Configuration - Dual Removable Tangs

Shears Series

With a line of texturizers that span every kind of metal class, weight removal, hand orientation, and personal preference for ergonomics…there’s a Hattori Hanzo Shears texturizer for every cosmotologist and barber!

HHVT2 Mamba Texturizer - 23 Teeth - Debulking Hair Shears - Countersunk Locking