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Hanzo Left-Handed Shears

An in-depth look at our complete line of left-handed scissors

Hanzo Left Handed Shears and Texturizers

Left handed hairstylists and barbers often face challenges when selecting the tools they need. Since only 10% of the population is left handed, many manufacturers simply overlook the needs of their left handed audience and default to producing right handed tools only.

At Hanzo, we believe that every stylist and barber needs the appropriate tool for their particular hand orientation. We offer a complement of eight of our most popular left-handed tools so you can accomplish any kind of cut or service. Hanzo even has swivel and high-carbon tools in a left-handed orientation! And there’s never a premium on left-handed tools–we believe in “pricing parity” for out shears regardless of hand orientation.

Not at Hattori Hanzo Shears…

Explore Hanzo’s family of left-handed shears and texturizers below. Then explore a set of left-handed scissors for yourself by purchasing online.

For a more in-depth experience you can contact your local Hanzo territory rep or complete the Test Drive form below to sample a set for yourself.”

Left Handed Stylist
Collin Martin

Follow: @collinmartin_hair
An insatiable new figure in the world of platform artistry, Collin Martin has been creating multi-functional cuts with a keen eye while employing unconventional 3D sculpting for the past seven years. His peculiar approach to hair has, in the words of a colleague, “brought the avant-garde to the people.”Crediting his strong artistic background and over a decade of working with his hands, Collin has built, and demonstrates, a new philosophy concerning the inner workings of a haircut. From small classrooms to auditoriums, stylists, industry personnel, and enthusiasts have heard Collin’s voice trembling with visceral excitement as he openly dissects his approach to the structure of hairstyles—his “construction process”—and the tools he uses to create finery for his exclusive clientele. Collin graduated from Masters of Cosmetology, a Pivot Point Member School, in 2007. Upon obtaining his Master Educator’s License three years ago, he began doggedly chasing a new yet functional approach to hair manageability, from shampooing to finalized style. Depending on products such as Davines, Davines for Wizards, and Hattori Hanzo Shears, Collin continues to reinvent himself and his art across the continental United States.

Left Handed Stylist
Graham Nation

Follow: @grahamnation
Graham Nation is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Nation moved to Denver at a young age, where he discovered his passion for iconic hair and fashion. Attending Aveda institute for 2 years, Graham quickly became a staple hair artist in his town. Taking his career path further, he decided to make a move to Los Angeles. Shortly after his arrival, he met Ken Paves and quickly bonded over fashion, editorials, and pushing hairstyle boundaries. Within the four years that Nation has been in Los Angeles, he has worked with elite clients like Victoria Beckham, Bebe Rexha, Ashanti, and Kathy Ireland, to name a few. Pulling his inspiration from New York and London, he has created his niche, classic styles with a bit of edge and undone cool. “Much of the stuff coming out of LA is so polished and done. I love to rough the look up a bit to give a personalized sense of freedom and individuality.” Graham is currently focusing on the runway, editorials, and top clientele.
HH2 Kae Waza - 5.0 Inches - Left Handed Hair Shears- Wet Cutting and Offset Handle

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Certified Japanese Steel

Metallurgical report

Hattori Hanzo Shears are made with certified Japanese steel. Our shears are made of the following grades:

  • Proprietary blends including cobalt & molybdenum alloys
  • Premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel
  • Advanced Nano powder steel from condensed micro particles

But don't just take our word for it...review the metallurgical reports for yourself​

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