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24-Month Inshearance® Warranty

Program Details

The Inshearance® Warranty program may be purchased independently from Stay Sharp for a 24-month period of coverage at a cost of $70 (plus applicable tax), paid in full. Coverage will include registered shear purchases up to 15 days prior to date of Warranty purchase, through the end of 24-month term. Coverage on shears purchased within the acceptable time frame ends upon date of Warranty expiration. Extension of Inshearance® Warranty coverage may be purchased at any time in 24-month increments, extending the period of coverage, at a cost of $70 per extension.

Inshearance® Warranty owners will enjoy the benefit of warranty coverage for lost, stolen or damaged shears for all registered Hattori Hanzo shear purchases made within the 24-month and two week period of coverage described above.

LOST OR STOLEN SHEARS: Only one claim for lost or stolen shears may be submitted per year. Customer must file a police report and provide a valid claim number with warranty replacement request. A $150 (plus applicable tax) replacement cost per lost or stolen shear will be charged to the customer prior to shipment of any replacement shears.

DAMAGED SHEARS: Only two claims for damaged shears may be submitted per year. The damaged shear must be sent to Hattori Hanzo for inspection before a claim can be approved. Once approved, a $150 (plus applicable tax) replacement cost per shear will be charged to the customer prior to shipment of any replacement shear. All replacement shears will be of like-kind and quality. No other products or accessories are covered under the program. Hattori Hanzo Shears reserves the right to deny any claim and to fully investigate any claim of lost, stolen or damaged shears.

The Inshearance® Warranty coverage package may be returned within 15 days of purchase as long as no warranty claims have been made.