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Family Series


HH1 Kamikaze Dry Slide Cutting Shears - 5.5 Inches Right Handed - Ergonomic Handle
16 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $62.90 / monthly
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Family Series


HH14T Shimatta Medium-Coarse Blending & Texturizing Shears - 6.0 Inches (26 Teeth)
3 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $49.70/monthly
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Family Series


HH340T Mazeru Steel - 40 Teeth Texturizing Shears - Perfect for Scissor-over Comb
7 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $49.70/monthly
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Family Series


HH8T Talon Texturizer - 7.0 Inches (28 Teeth) - Perfect Debulking Shears for Colorists
22 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $49.70/monthly
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Family Series


HH22 Tenshi - 5.0 Inches Precision Cutting Shears - VG10 Steel - Scissor Over Comb
3 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $59.00 / monthly
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Family Series


HH88T2 Eighty-Eight Texturizer - 23 Teeth - Premium High Carbon Japanese Steel Shears
5 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $61.80 / monthly
Discover Eight-Eights
Family Series


HHV Mamba - 4.5 Inches Right Handed High Carbon Professional Shears - Screw-in Bumper
5 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $68.10 / monthly
Discover Mamba Series
Family Series


HH88 Eighty-Eight - 5.0 Inches - Zero Offset Ring Configuration - Dual Removable Tangs
12 Shears in Series · Buy for as low as $49.70 / monthly
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Those who love hanzo


What I love and appreciate most about my 6 inch Hanzo HH8 shears is the comfort in hand. Each cut is so precise making my work exact and easy. This industry found me at thirteen years old and I’ve never done anything else. The look of gratitude and happiness people have once they see the finished look is what makes my days fulfilled. I’m truly thankful for it all…

Lou Bravo

Being a barber for more than 15 years, Hattori Hanzo has been by far the best investment I have made in my entire career. I love the performance, style, and quality of the shears, plus the Hanzo Nation team is amazing…

J Rojas

I love Hanzo because they make my job SO much easier. I can always rely on precision cutting–both on wet and dry hair. I know Hanzo will always take care of me and my needs to better my skills as a hair stylist.

My Hanzos are a dependable tool that I can always count on to get the job done. The Hanzo family has always taken care of me in the shop and has allowed me to explore my creativity when it comes to cutting hair…

“These scissors are the BEST! They are a must for sure! I purchased 5 different pairs… 3 for me and 2 for my son and my haircuts have bnevre been so clean and belended! LOVE LOVE LOVE!”

Kristeen W
5.5" HH4 Menuki

“These shears are absolutely amazing for wet or dry cutting. They are all I’ve been using since I got them. Christian was super helpful with hooking me up with the perfect shear for me. Can’t recommend these scissors enough! Thanks Hattori for the amazing service.”

“Precision at its finest! I don’t have words for how incredible these shears are! The company is absolutely incredible! Thank you for making me a believer!”

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