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Hanzo swivel shears and texturizers are laser-focused on ergonomics and protecting the health of your hands and wrists across your entire career. With swivel versions of our most popular shears all the way up to our flagship high-carbon swivel, there is a swivel option for every stylist and barber.
A swivel shear allows the stylist independence in the thumb, which relieves pressure on the wrist. As the stylist opens the shear, the thumb is permitted to swing outward and keep the top of the hand still and the rest of the arm in a much more straight and neutral position. The swivel focuses on making the thumb the primary moving muscle. Since the thumb swivels, it also allows the user to rotate the shear 180 degrees to promote channel cutting and creative shear techniques with more comfortable pointing with ergonomic control.
Swivel shear
For example, the Hattori Hanzo HH3 Ayako is one of the mainstays of the Hanzo line of swivel shears. We developed the HH3 with a focus on ergonomics along with an emphasis on technique. Not only does this shear come in a single swivel, but we also offer this in a double swivel configuration. The double swivel extends even more independence to the thumb to further encourage ergonomics in the wrist and hand while allowing complete mobility for the thumb.
And if you’re looking for a swivel tool that can cut through anything, the Hattori Hanzo HH6S Kime Swivel is a swivel enthusiast’s staple in Hanzo’s high-carbon shear range with strong emphasis placed on its dry cutting properties. Potentially our most well-rounded shear, the HH6S swivel series not only efficiently cuts dry hair but will make short work of any kind of wet haircutting as well. It has a thicker blade designed to push through thick, coarse dry hair quickly. The Kime Swivel was developed with an ergonomic handle plus an offset on the swivel thumb to give the user more control and comfort while cutting.
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Hanzo Artist

Hanzo Swivel Stylist Melinda Kay

Eastern North Carolina born and raised, Melinda Kay comes to Hanzo Nation with 15 plus years of hairstylist experience behind the chair. Although she is experienced in many hair services, short hair cutting has become her specialty–being labeled “The Pixie Queen.” Melinda has been a hair show platform artist for brands and brings spunk wherever she goes, including the stage.You can expect her to show many different techniques in a cutting class while giving you in-depth reasoning behind her artistic and creative approaches to dry haircutting. She customizes each cut for every individual model, treating them as a guest behind her chair. Not only can you expect great cutting education from her, but she will also give you many laughs and plenty of witty, Southern sayings to remember for a lifetime.


Multiple shear lengths.
Many amazing texturizers.
An incredible family from Hanzo.


HH6S Kime Swivel

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Kime Swivel

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HH3 Ayako

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HH3T Hayaku

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HH313T Hanashi Aru Swivel

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Hanashi Aru Swivel

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HH340T Mazeru Swivel

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Mazeru Swivel

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Hanzo Swivel Stylist Giovanni Scott

Giovanni Scott has been in the hair industry since 2006. He started his career knowing he wanted to continue his education and educate others as well.Giovanni’s experience in the hair industry is broad, and continues to grow from his ambition and determination to be the best stylist he can be.He has been a salon owner, an instructor at Paul Mitchell the School, where he was the Cutting and Texture specialists. He has traveled the country teaching multiple hair salons and hair schools in cutting, color, hair extension, and barbering courses. He has a true passion for sharing his knowledge with his fellow stylist and pushing them to their full potential.Giovanni currently works as a full-time stylist at Relik Salon and Day Spa. He is the Education Director for both salon locations in Utah. He is also a platform artist for Hattori Hanzo Shears.Giovanni sets his dreams and goals high and truly believes in making the world a better place, one haircut at a time.
Giovanni Scott

Certified Japanese Steel

Hattori Hanzo Shears are made with certified Japanese steel. Our shears are made of the following grades:

But don't just take our word for it...review the metallurgical reports for yourself​

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Hattori Hanzo Shears scissor experts Christopher Samuels and Daniel Bacon talk about the Hattori Hanzo Shears HH3 Ayako Japanese steel scissor in Hanzo’s “Shear Knowledge Series” for hair stylists and barbers.

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For Both: Left-Handed & Right Handed Orientations. Hattori Hanzo Shears scissor experts Christopher Samuels and Daniel Bacon talk about the Hattori Hanzo Shears HH6 Kime high-carbon Japanese steel shear in Hanzo’s “Shear Knowledge Series” for hair stylists and barbers.