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Hattori Hanzo Eighty-Eights Shears

An in-depth look at the Eighty-Eights high-carbon scissor family

HH88 Eighty-Eights Series

New for 2020, the new Hanzo Eighty-Eights collection is a set of incredibly refined shears right out the gate. Made from a specialized, high-carbon Japanese stainless steel, the Eighty-Eights are a great set of shears for both wet and dry cutting. This line features four shear lengths, dual removable tangs, straight handles, and a tried-and-true zero-offset ring configuration.

And while the offset may be zero, the finger positioning for the HH88 series is still highly ergonomic with a ring shape that is distinctively molded for a much more comfortable finger placement. Cutters who are Vidal Sassoon trained will immediately recognize its style and feel right at home with this shear. This is the classic haircutting shear “with a twist” that you simply have to try for yourself.

Contact your local Hanzo rep or complete the Test Drive form below to try out a set of Eighty-Eights for yourself.

Eighty-Eight's Sylist
Wayne Tuggle

Follow: @waynetugglehair
Wayne Tuggle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Hanzo Artist Team. While working in NYC, Wayne’s clientele included Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton, and his work has been featured in TV shows including Ambush Makeover, Extreme Makeover, and American Idol. Wayne’s work has been seen in numerous magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, and Us Weekly, and he’s worked with renowned photographer David LaChapelle.Wayne has created and mastered a cutting system that is simple, methodical, and fast, allowing him to see 20+ clients a day, every day.

Hanzo Barber
Sebastian Lightfoot

Follow: @sebastianlightfoot
Sebastian is considered one of the top stylists and educators in the Northwest. He keeps a busy schedule as a licensed educator while maintaining a clientele in Spokane, WA as a practicing stylist, emphasizing men’s haircutting. His classes are not only informative on a practical application level, but he’s also profoundly knowledgeable on how to promote a healthy, successful business to match any skill set. He has years of experience working within cosmetology schools as an educator, enabling him to get through to both students and professionals like none other.
HH88 Eighty-Eight - 5.0 Inches - Zero Offset Ring Configuration - Dual Removable Tangs

Not ready to buy? Test drive a hanzo instead!​

You’ll have 15 days to test a set of Hanzo’s for yourself before committing to your purchase. This is a serious two-week trial for licensed cosmetologists and barbers only.
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Certified Japanese Steel

Metallurgical report

Hattori Hanzo Shears are made with certified Japanese steel. Our shears are made of the following grades:

  • Proprietary blends including cobalt & molybdenum alloys
  • Premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel
  • Advanced Nano powder steel from condensed micro particles

But don't just take our word for it...review the metallurgical reports for yourself​

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