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Working from a “home base” in Las Vegas, Nevada–Shelby Sark is a practicing cosmetologist in three states. She has traveled extensively with Hattori Hanzo Shears as a national educator since 2014.

Building clientele, client retention, business management, and social media are the industry keys to success that Shelby touches on in her classes–adding value above and beyond most other “structures of cutting” education.

Graduating from a Pivot Point Member school and developed her foundation in utilizing pivotal points of the head as her cutting basis. Pushing boundaries and staying ahead of the trend has enabled her to create techniques in cutting that are efficient, distinct, and eccentric. Shelby strongly believes in the power and cruciality of continued education, and therefore has developed a way of educating that is comprehendible and applicable for stylists of all skill levels.

Shelby will bring you and your salon a fresh look at haircutting; you will be impressed!

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