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Tara McAdams-May, a name most in the Holistic industry know for her teaching, mentoring, and love of being a hairstylist. Tmac owns several salons in and around the Mobile, Alabama area and has been in business for over ten years. She captures a nationwide audience with her consulting and holistic approaches to education. Her passion for hair and people began as early as high school when she used to do all her friends’ hair for school dances and events. Tara comes from a strong line of entrepreneurs, one being her father, who raised a strong-willed, humble spirit, who learned early on, it was about giving back.

As a hairstylist, the past 19 years, Tara loves her clients and prides herself on using organic, non-toxic products. Whether it is using the newest cutting techniques, concocting the perfect toned color, or helping with postpartum hair loss, Tara is the Alchemist of healthy hair. Tara stays knowledgeable and sharp with her skills through constant research and desire to grow others. Her skills remain at the top in her industry, and Tmac herself remains admired for her Holistic approach.

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