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A Los Angeles native, Freddy Razo is a Barber Education Leader for Paul Mitchell, the School Costa Mesa and former Senior Educator of Johnny B. Hair Care. Razo loves the traditional aspects of haircutting. However, he always thinks outside the box. Razo had a long time career as a pioneer of the Johnny B. Hair Care education program. He is teaching presentation techniques to the young enthusiast that come through the Barber Academy. His passion for teaching was highly regarded and led him to oversee the Barbering Program at Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa. Here he has the opportunity to teach and guide young minds at the beginning of their Barbering Career. Razo’s work was featured in various industry publications such as Modern Salon, Paul Mitchell School Marketing Materials, Johnny B Marketing Material. A mist from his accolades, Razo remains a humble family man. At the end of the day, he wants to create great haircuts, teach and guide others to success in the Barbering Industry. Razo still manages to keep his ear to the ground and service his clients in the City of Montebello. Never forgetting where he came from or the clients that got him there.

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