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Hanzo Shears Classes, What Can You Expect to Learn At A Hanzo Shears Class?

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We at Hanzo pride ourselves on top-notch education. When taking a Hanzo class, you will not only learn amazing new techniques. You will learn tips and tricks on hair services. The educators we hire are the best of the best and deliver unmatched education. Shears are a hot topic in our classes. You will be educated on the different shears we offer and why the educator uses certain shears for certain skills. Something great about our classes is that we offer in-person classes at your salons or barbershops. We bring education to you.

Tips And Tricks To The Artform Of Hair Cutting

Our educators are full of knowledge and skill. Hair is an art form and there are so many ways to do different cuts and styles. The great thing about the hair industry is that education is available to help teach and guide you to the perfect way to execute skills efficiently and effectively. Hanzo Educators will teach you their methods of cutting and styling. Whether it be long layers or a bald fade, there is an educator from Hanzo that you can learn from. The skills you take home will be dependent on the class you are taking, make sure to take a class on something you are interested in or want to learn more about.

Deep Dive Into Shears

In a Hanzo class, you will learn shears and why having the right shears is crucial to your success as a hair professional. The educators that work with Hanzo are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to shears. Learning about shears, how they work, and when to use each shear is essential; as a hair professional, your shears are your most essential tool. Knowing them inside and out is super beneficial for you and your success.

Learning What Shears To Use And When To Use Them

The educator will frequently use a variety of shears during their class. They will break down each shear for you and how to properly use it with each step. You are not only going to gain knowledge and skills on how to cut hair properly, but you will also gain knowledge on why each shear is used and exactly how to use that shear. Knowledge is power in the hair world!

Hanzo classes are FULL of knowledge and skill. When you take a Hanzo class, you learn from the best. Hanzo’s education stands out because of the accessibly to classes and the quality of the classes. You will learn so much and walk away feeling like a more confident hair professional!

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