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Hattori Hanzo Shears Educator at Class
Hattori Hanzo Shears Educator at Class
Hattori Hanzo Shears

What does it take to become an educator for Hattori Hanzo Shears?

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We get asked the question “What does it take to become an educator with Hattori Hanzo Shears?” almost every day.

Turns out we’re not just looking for people who are good at cutting hair. We’re looking for very specific individuals with talent in MANY areas who can accomplish the following:


Our focus with Hattori Hanzo shear education is creating the most diverse and dynamic group of educators available to deliver classes to the entire hair industry. We do not specialize–we offer hair training for every type of hair cutting style. We do not have a cutting curriculum and as a Hanzo educator, we let you share your message and passion to the hair world. Your focus as an educator should be to deliver your training as clearly and efficiently as possible in the time allotted for your class.

Clear communication is key

You need to be able to present a class–from start to finish. You need to be able to work with a rep to open a class, tell your attendees what they are going to be learning, present that learning effectively, and then close the class and hand the reins back to the rep to finish out the business of the class. Your attendees should walk away “wowed” by the clarity of your instruction and the impact your training with have immediately in their career.

You need to be a team player

You will likely be working with a Hattori Hanzo Shears field rep who knows that particular area inside and out. They’ll know the salon, barbershops, and schools that you’ll be teaching at. They know the salon owners and school directors. Being able to work with your rep–both at the class and BEFORE you get there–to make sure your class is fully set up, properly promoted (by them and YOU) and your attendees are fully informed about where to be, at what time, and what to expect.

You should be very proficient at your cutting style

Do you work on long hair? Are you a short hair specialist? Do you have an affinity for working with colored hair? Or extensions? Whatever you do…you should be an expert at it. You need to be able to walk a person of experience through your class and have them learn something that will make a critical difference in their career going forward. It takes a person of knowledge to do that and we’re looking for the best.

You need to know your tools

Why would you use a 4.5″ shear on detailing a perimeter? Why would you use an 8″ shear on a men’s cut? Can you blend out lines with a texturizer as opposed to using a clipper? When would you employ a dry cutting shear and why? Be able to rapidly and succinctly explain your steps along with WHY you are using a particular tool. Be able to readily answer any questions your attendees may have about any aspect of the set of tools you bring to class.

You need to be a professional

Show up dressed for your class like you would show up dressed for work. You need to use professional communication in all aspects of the class–especially before and after the class. You’ll be looked at as an example of a mentor in the industry–so act like one. Be the “hair icon” that someone can aspire to.

None of this needs to be complicated. As an example, here’s an excellent audition video that our friend Carlee Jo Caponetto of Kansas City’s Beauty Bungalow located at Moss Salon Studios (Kansas City, Missouri) worked with us to develop. Carlee Jo walks the attendee through the start of the class with an introduction and explanation of what we’re going to see. She goes through each step of the process and explains her tools and how she uses each one. As each individual cut is different, Carlee Jo explains what she looks for in this particular cut. She details post-cut care and what the client can do at home to maintain the look created in the salon. She concludes the class by going over her tools again and details why each one is important towards the achievement of the look.

While this video may look seamless, we shot it very simply on an iPhone with Carlee Jo using an external mic attached to her top to minimize salon noise in other parts of the shop. We edited it together using Adobe Premiere Pro. While you might not use those tools yourself, you know someone who does. Get creative and exchange some services with a friend who can help you produce a clean video like this. It doesn’t have to be as long either…as long as you can efficiently detail the process and tools you used to achieve your intended look.

Are you the hair artist we’re looking for?

We never stop looking for talented and professional educators who are driven to succeed and help others succeed, too. If you feel like you’re one of those individuals, get yourself a short video together and introduce yourself to Director of Education Andrew Reeves. We may just have a spot for you on the Hattori Hanzo Shears Education Team.

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