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Invest In The Best Shears For Barbers, This Is The Perfect Shear Kit For Any Barber

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As a barber having a perfect selection of shears in your kit will ensure you can conquer any haircut that walks through your door and make it look perfect. You will have the ability to perform any haircut with this shear kit. When you purchase your tools, you are investing in yourself and your success. The shears in your barber kit can and will impact your profession and skills to overcome anything tossed your way. All of the shears in your kit should assist in various purposes to guarantee a perfect and clean haircut. These six shears build the perfect shear kit for any barber!


Your Perfect Shear Kit Starts With Your Workhorse Barber Shears For Everyday Use

HH8 Long Blade Workhorse Shears

The perfect barber shear kit starts with the workhorse shears every barber needs. Your workhorse shears will be the shears you use every day for the majority of your haircuts. For your most utilized shears, you will want shears that are sustainable and made up of excellent materials. The HH8 -7.5 is the absolute best workhorse shears for any barber. These shears are perfect for shear over comb cuts. The shear is also great for cutting the majority of the hair on top of the head. The 7.5-inch blade ensures an incredible amount of coverage and efficacy when cutting any client’s hair. 

The Perfect Barber Shears For Those Big Haircut Transformations

HH21 Long Blade Shear

A long blade is essential for any barber to have in their kit. Having shears with a longer blade is excellent for cutting and shaping afros and cutting large amounts of hair and bulk in any significant transformative hair cuts. The HH21 8.0 or 8.5 are shears every Barber should have in their shear kit. These shears are the best for any significant haircut transformations and cover large areas of the head. 

The Best Barber Shears for Dry Cutting And Narrow Spaces For Your Kit

HHV Mamba Dry Cutting Shear

The HHV-6.5 is the perfect shears that will assist you in any dry cutting and getting into those narrow areas for cutting. Having barber shears specifically designed for dry hair helps to create a clean and precise haircut. The Mamba shears’ blade is thin and will be perfect for getting into those little areas of the head. These shears are hands down the best dry cutting shears for any barber kit! 

A Barber Detailing Shears For Facial Hair And Delicate Areas

HHV Mamba Dry Cutting Shear

For your Barber detailing shears, you will want something with a short blade made for dry cutting. Something that your clients won’t cringe at when you are cutting around their faces. The HHV-4.5 is perfect for detailing and grooming any facial hair. The blade on these shears is small but mighty. The Mamba line of shears is dry cutting shears made up of materials that are perfect for cutting through dry hair. These shears’ length is great for a barber and will make your clients feel much more comfortable when you are cutting their facial hair. These shears are also perfect for any detailing work throughout your haircuts. 

Every Barber Shear Kit Needs All-Around Great Blending Shears For Any Haircut

HH40T Blending Shears

When cutting men’s hair or any short haircuts in general, having shears to blur any lines you may see in the hair is crucial. Blending shears are a staple that every Barber should have in their kits. The HH40T shears will blend out any lines in your haircut and create a smooth haircut with no imperfections. These shears will be your best friend when it comes to fades and shear over comb cuts. The 40T is perfect for a barber erasing any imperfections. 

A Barber’s Best Friend, Texture Shears To Remove Bulk And Add Dimension In Any Haircut

HHVT1 Texture Shear

Every barber shear kit should have shears that are specifically crafted to create texture and remove bulk. The HHVT1 are the best texture shears. They will make the most beautiful movement in your haircuts and remove any unnecessary bulk that you don’t want. The VT1 removes the perfect amount of hair and shears that will last you your entire career! 

A Few Bonus Shears That Can And Will Benefit Any Barber And Their Shear Kit

HH1 High Carbon Dry Cutting Shear

The HH1 is a shear that is so versatile any barber or stylist can use it. The HH1 shears are the best high carbon dry cutting shears perfectly made for slide cutting and finishing off any haircut. The HH1 is something that should be a staple in every shear kit. Another excellent shear to consider is our HHVT3. This shear is another superb option for a barber to have in their kits to create texture and movement.  If you are into swivel shears, we have an array of excellent shears that come with a swivel handle to help with hand health and ergonomics. 

The Perfect Shear Kit For Any Left-Handed Barber

As a left-handed Barber, your kit will look a little different than the one above! These are the best barber shears for your left-handed shear kit. 

The Left-Handed Work Horse Shear

HH6L Left-Handed Work Horse Shear

For your most used shears, you will want something reliable and sturdy. The HH6L-6.0 are the perfect workhorse shears for a left-handed barbers kit. These shears have a comfortable handle to ensure good hand health and are your best friend when cutting hair. 

The Dry Cutting Shear The Is Perfect For Any Left-Handed Barber

HHVL Left-Handed Dry Cutting Shear

The HHVL-5.5 are the perfect dry cutting shears for any barber. These shears are made up of the highest-quality metals and made to cut through dry hair. The handle on the mamba has a short tang for mobility and comfort. This shear will help you finish off any haircut perfectly. 

A Left-Handed Long Blade Shear

HH2 Left-Handed Long Blade Shear

Every Barber needs long blade shears for shaping and cutting large bulks of hair. The HH2-7.0 is an excellent tool for you to have in your kit. This shears long blade will help you with those significant transformations and cutting big transformation haircuts. 

Left Handed Detailing Shear For Your Barber Kit

HH2 Left-Handed Long Blade Shear

The HH2-5.0 is the perfect cutting tool for detailing is best for cutting in delicate areas. The blade is small enough to get into remote areas and help you trimming facial hair on your clients. These shears are a great staple to have in your barber shear kit! 

The Perfect Blending Shear For A Left-Handed Barber

HHVLT1 Left-Handed Blending Shear

The perfect shears for blending and blurring lines is the HHVLT1. These shears will erase any imperfections in your haircut. The VT1 will be your go-to when doing clipper cuts and fades. These barber shears work through any hair and create a seamless perfect haircut. 

Texture Shears That Every Left-Handed Barber Should Have In Their Kit

HH40LT Left-Handed Texture Shear

When you are ready to add texture and movement to your haircuts, you are going to want to pick up the HH40LT. These shears remove the perfect amount of weight in a haircut and create beautiful movement into the hair. The 40LT is a shear every left-handed Barber should have in their kits. 

Swivel Shears That Are Perfect For Any Barber

If you are into swivel shears, then you can’t go wrong with this shear set. The movement on their handles ensures excellent hand health and ergonomics. These shears are the best for any Barber wanting swivel shears.

A Swivel Shear That Is Top Notch

HH6S Swivel Shear

The HH6S is a barber swivel enthusiast’s staple in Hanzo’s high-carbon shear line. These shears have a strong emphasis placed on their dry cutting ability. These are potentially the most well-rounded barber shears; these shears not only efficiently cut dry hair but will make short work of any wet haircutting as well. 

The Long Blade Shear For A Swivel Lover

HH3 5inch Long Blade Shear

As a barber cutting large bulk and shaping haircuts requires you to have shears with a long blade. Not only will it cut down on time, but it will also assist you in creating perfect lines. The HH3-7.0 is an excellent option for a long blade in your swivel set. 

Swivel Detailing Shear That You Can’t Go Wrong With

HH3 5inch Long Blade Shear

The HH3-5.0 are great barber shears to choose from for detailing and facial hair. These shears with a short 5inch blade will allow you to get into small areas and trim up any facial hair with ease! Having shorter blade shears in your kit is an absolute must as a barber. 

Blending Shears With A Swivel Handle

HH340T Blending Shear with a Swivel Handle

Blending shears are every Barber’s best friend when finishing off a haircut. Having great blending shears in your kit is essential as a barber. The HH340T are shears that will blend lines in your haircuts and work as an eraser for you.

Swivel Handle Texture Shears For Movement and Bulk

HH313T Swivel Handle Texture Shears

The perfect texture comes from an HH313T texture shear. These shears will add the ideal texture for your haircuts without removing a ton of bulk. It can be used in many different ways and is a very versatile texture shear.  As a Barber, you honestly can’t go wrong with an HH313T

Written By: Catie Delahanty

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