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forged shears vs cast shears comparison
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Forged Shears vs Cast Shears? Which to choose?

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The ultimate comparison – Forged shears vs cast shears, which are preferable?

Forged vs Cast Shears – An Overview

Professional hairstylists are keenly cautious about their hairstyling shears, as they are the main tool in a professional’s arsenal. Careful consideration is required in every step – from choosing the right type of shears to using different shears for different hair cutting techniques.

All professional hairstylists strive to master the best way to hold professional hair cutting scissors. Knowing the difference between blending and thinning shears helps these professionals reduce volume or create textured looks as per need.

Similarly, many professionals are keenly compared to forged vs cast shears. This article will talk about the key differences between forged shears and cast shears – while also concluding which one are the best shears for professional hairstylists.

Choice of Steel

The best shears for professional use are made using either Japanese or German steel. Some companies use alloys such as cobalt and molybdenum for certain products as well. Hanzo, a premium shear manufacturer, uses high quality Japanese steel in many of the products.

Forging and casting are two manufacturing methods – each with its pros and cons. Some professional hair stylists prefer forged shears, while others opt for cast shears.

How Cast Shears are made?

Cast Shears are made by heating material evenly until it liquidates. Once the material liquidates, it is poured at a controlled rate in a suitable cast. It is allowed to harden. There are different types of casting such as die casting, sand casting etc. Casting is utilized when excellent details are required or the manufacturer is aiming to exactly meet the specifications.

On the downside, casting is a significantly expensive technique compared to forging.

How Forged Shears are made?

In the forging process, steel is heated but not liquified. Once heated, the hot steel is struck repeatedly and cooled rapidly. This is a cheaper manufacturing process which guarantees excellent strength. The heating and rapid cooling changes the molecular structure, making the steel more dense.

This technique, however, is not as refined as casting. Also, the handle and the blade are forged separately and later combined.

Comparison Between Cast Shears and Forged Shears

forged shears

Cast Shears are generally more expensive compared to forged shears, as casting is an overall energy and time extensive process. Casting requires casts to be made, and tooling costs are higher.

Forging is a less expensive process that helps reduce porousness, which results in a stronger and more impact resistant steel. Casting process is generally more complicated as compared to forging. When more details and a neater finish are required – go for casting, else forging will suffice.

Forged shears are much more durable and less expensive compared to cast shears.

Forged Shears Are More Durable Compared to Cast Shears

Forged shears are mostly preferred over cast shears for a few simple reasons. To begin with, cast shears have pores in them, which makes them less stronger compared to forged shears. Forged steel is heated and cooled several times which enables the molecular structure to become more flexible, resulting in a dense steel.

Thus, cast shears are more amenable to fall damage and require greater protection – most cast shears are brittle. Forged steel is a more complex and involved process. Although forging is a cheaper process compared to casting, forged shears are expensive as the overall process is time-taking.

Disadvantage of Using Cast Shears

Cast shears are not preferred by professional hairstylists as they quickly lose their sharp edge quite quickly. Low-quality cast shears only last a couple of sharpening sessions. Majority of the cast shears are made in one piece, they are harder to balance in hand.

Advantage of Using Forged Shears

Forged shears require expert craftsmanship – exactly what Hattori Hanzo Shears are famous for. Forging is a labor intensive process requiring the metal to be heated, hammered and cooled. This process is repeated several times before our expert craftsmen are satisfied with the quality. Forged shears are made in parts where the blade and the handles are made separately. The forge is then polished.

Forged shears are razor sharp, maintain their sharp edge for a longer time, and last a lifetime. One won’t be wrong in saying that professionally forged shears are a long term investment.

Which Technique is Used by Hanzo Shears?

Hattori Hanzo shears are made with the top quality materials. Our Shears are made with certified Japanese steel. Our high quality professional shears are made using the following materials:

  • Proprietary blends including cobalt & molybdenum alloys
  • Premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel
  • Advanced Nano powder steel from condensed micro particles

Hattori Hanzo uses a blend of cast or forged steel for most of our professional hairstyling shears. Advanced production techniques and expert craftsmanship guarantee the best quality tools. The high carbon range is our proud offering that can cut through dense hair for removing volume or creating beautiful textured looks.

Top Stylists That Recommend Hanzo Shears

Presley Poe

presley poe hanzo artist

Presley Poe has been a stylist since 2003 and belongs to Portland, Orlando. Presley’s mission is to change lives one connection at a time utilizing her skills as a craft hairdresser. Hanzo’s high-carbon line gives Presley the freedom to experiment and transform. Presley says, ‘I am proud and excited that years into my career, I am more determined than ever to inspire those around me through artistic education’. View Presley Poe Instagram page

Justin Thomas

justin thomas hanzo artist

Despite achieving a decade’s worth of career goals, Justin Thomas maintains his humility and kindness. As a salon owner, he values culture and professionalism. He dedicates 30 hours per week to working behind the chair while also traveling regularly for workshops and serving high-profile clients in his hometown of Sacramento, California. To ensure impeccable results, Justin relies on Hanzo High Carbon shears products. View Justin Thomas Instagram page.

Hanzo Shears – A Glimpse At Our Best Shears

Hattori Hanzo HHP Pai Mei

pai mei forged shear

The HHP Pai Mei is a unique shear by Hattori Hanzo, constructed with condensed microparticles of nano powder steel. These shears have unparalleled strength and cutting abilities. The nearly flat thumb blade with a rounded spine combines with a curved cutting blade having a classic 800mm radius for extraordinary versatility. These shears are perfect for

Hattori Hanzo HH1 Kamikaze

kamikaze forged shear

The HH1 Kamikaze is a premium high carbon shear with strong emphasis on dry cutting. Made using premium high-carbon Japanese steel. Features a permanent finger rest, countersunk tension locking mechanism, screw-in bumper, and exaggerated blade radius designed specifically for dry slide cutting. These shears are made to push through both coarse and thick hair. Using these shears, hairstylists can do channel cutting, slide cutting, carving, face framing and even point cutting. Available in 6.0 and 6.5 inch sizes.

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Forged Shears Vs Cast Shears FAQs

Are forged or cast shears better?

Forged shears are more durable and last-longer, hence better.

What advantage do forged shears have over cast shears?

Forged shears undergo a process of heating, hammering, and cooling. This gives these shears excellent strength and the steel becomes more dense.

What are three differences between cast and forged shears?

Cast shears are brittle whereas forged shears have denser steel. Forged shears are made in two parts whereas cast shears are made in one piece. Forged shears last longer and the cutting edge stays fresh for longer.

Is forged steel stronger than cast?

Definitely, forged steel undergoes a process of molecular realignment making it super strong and the metal is more dense.

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Which is better forged or cast?

Both have unique characteristics, but forged shears are better overall. Shears made with a mix forging and casting process tend to be excellent in details as well as cutting abilities.

Which is cheaper casting or forging?

Casting is expensive due to tooling cost. Professional forged shears tend to be expensive due to long hours of work by expert craftsmen.

How can you tell if steel is cast or forged?

A forged piece displays a wide, uneven rough area, while a cast component exhibits a clear, sharp line marking the separation of the mold. Casting gives more details but less strength.

Does Hanzo manufacture Forged shears or Cast Shears?

Blends of cast or forged steels make up the composition of most shears.

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