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are swivel shears better for haircutting than regular scissors
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Shears – Swivel or Regular

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Swivel shears vs Regular Scissors – choosing the right option

When it comes to haircutting, having the right tools is essential to achieving the desired results. Two common types of shears used by barbers are swivel shears and regular scissors. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one for your cutting style is essential.

Swivel Shears – Comfortable and Precise, Perfect for Complex Hairstyles

Swivel shears are designed with a pivot point that allows the thumb ring to rotate independently from the rest of the shear. This design reduces strain on the wrist and thumb, making it a popular choice among hairdressers who suffer from repetitive stress injuries. Swivel shears also provide more control and precision when cutting at different angles, making them ideal for complex hairstyles.

Regular Shears – Versatile for Every Cutting Style

Regular shears have a fixed pivot point that requires the hairdresser to hold them at a certain angle, but they are versatile. Regular shears are also easier to handle when cutting straight lines or large sections of hair.

Choosing the Right Shears for You – Swivel Shears Vs Regular

swivel shears vs regular hair cutting shearsChoosing the right shears ultimately depends on your personal preferences and cutting style. If you’re someone who experiences wrist or thumb pain, swivel shears might be a better option for you. Regular shears might be the way to go if you’re just beginning your hairdressing career or need a functional shear that can handle a range of haircutting styles.

Size and Weight – Why it Matters When Choosing Your Shears

Another critical factor to consider when choosing between swivel and regular shears is the size and weight of the shear. Swivel shears are often heavier than regular shears, which can cause fatigue over time. Additionally, swivel shears are typically shorter than regular shears, making them less effective for cutting long sections of hair.

The Final Verdict – Finding a Comfortable and Effective Shear for Your Needs

Swivel and regular shears have advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one for your needs is essential. Ultimately, the key is to find a shear that feels comfortable in your hand and allows you to achieve the desired results quickly. Whether you opt for swivel or regular shears, the choice is yours.

Hanzo Swivel Shears – Precision and Quality

Hanzo Shears are some of the best hair-cutting tools available today. Our shears are forged from premium Japanese steel and specially designed to provide exceptional performance and precision. They are an essential tool for any professional hair stylist or barber. Hanzo Shears come in a wide range of models, each with unique features and capabilities.

Here are the top swivel shears by Hanzo, recommended by top hairstylists in the U.S.

HH6S Kime Swivel – The Ultimate Dry Cutting Shear

kime swivelThe HH6S Kime Swivel is a swivel enthusiast’s go-to shear in Hanzo’s high-carbon Japanese Steel shear range. This shear is known for its efficient dry-cutting properties and is well-rounded to handle any kind of wet haircutting as well. The HH6S Kime Swivel features a thicker blade designed to push through thick, coarse dry hair quickly, and the radius on the edges is slightly different, helping to peel hair via techniques like channel cutting and slide cutting.

HH313T Hanashi Aru Swivel and HH340T Mazeru Swivel – The Perfect Texturizers

hanashi aru swivelThe HH313T Hanashi Aru Swivel and HH340T Mazeru Swivel are must-have texturizers for any swivel user. The Hanashi Aru Swivel is a versatile blending tool that can save time in short or long hair or add deeper texture in long hair. On the other hand, the HH340T Mazeru Swivel is a 40-tooth blending shear that removes 50% of the hair to create a perfect blend in a scissor-over-comb or anywhere else a stylist might be looking to blend. Both shears have an ergonomic design and provide comfort for everyday use, making them an excellent choice for stylists and barbers alike.

If you’re on the lookout for the best swivel shears, explore our collection today. Or view the entire lineup of Shears available from Hanzo. Call 9167905291 to test our shears.

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