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curly hair and bangs cutting tutorial
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Curly Hair Bangs – How To Cut, Style and Slay This Haircut

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From Rihanna’s bold, statement-making curls to Zendaya’s soft, romantic fringe, there are endless possibilities for embracing curly hair bangs and making them your own.

how to cut bang haircuts for curly hair

Nothing haunts hair stylists more than curly hair. While curly hair is slightly difficult to work with, they definitely are more versatile. Adding bangs to your client’s curly hair can create a stunning and stylist look. Hairstylists are often clueless about what to do with a client’s curly hair and bangs might not appear to be the brightest option. However, this article advocates cutting curly hair bangs. Hanzo brings a detailed guide where we will discuss how to choose the right style for your curls, share tips for styling and maintenance, and offer inspiration for rocking this chic hairstyle. 

Why Curly Hair Bangs?

Curly hair is not only beautiful but also versatile. They can help create a stunning and stylish look. These can be used to frame the face beautifully and draw attention to a person’s facial features. For hairstylists, there is a lot of margin to play with. You can go for tight coils, loose waves, and anything in between. Not only do these curly hair bangs add natural texture but also enhance the overall look. One thing to consider is that bangs require a lot of care and regular maintenance. 

Styling Tips and Techniques

Styling curls requires a lot of patience, technique and use of the right styling tools. This hairstyling technique requires a specific approach to ensure the natural texture of the client’s curls. Before cutting curly hair bangs, it is essential to understand some unique characteristics of curly hair. To begin with, curly hair has a tendency to shrink when dry. Amateur hairstylists often make the mistake of cutting the exact length.

The right way to execute a proper curly hair bang is to cut slightly longer than necessary to allow some shrinkage. Hairstylists might have noticed that curly hair begins to spring up when cut, being precise and patient is the key to achieving desired shape here.   

Importance of Consultation Session with Client    

Communication is the key in hairstyling. Professional hairstylists begin with a detailed consultation session to determine what is going-on inside their client’s head. A short consultation would give the hairstylists a proper idea of the client’s desired bang style, curl type, pattern, and face shape. This might sound boring but consultations let hairstylists get a clear idea about curl density, curl tightness, etc. This information can be utilized to customize the bang style.

How to Cut Curly Hair Bangs?

curly hair bangs

First thing’s first – when cutting curly hair bangs, it is important to work with the hair’s natural texture and curl pattern. Curly hair bangs require a mixture of two techniques: (1) point cutting, and (2) slide cutting. A combination of these two techniques helps create soft, blended edges which prevent the bangs from looking bulky. Good hairstylists factor shrinkage too.  

Sectioning and Preparation

In this stage, start by parting the hair in the desired direction for the bangs. This will take into account the client’s natural texture and the face shape. The hairs which will form bangs need to be sectioned. Clipping or pinning the rest of the hair can further help the hairstylist to produce an overall cleaner haircut. 

Right Technique for Cutting Bangs

Emphasis should be on technique – begin with parting the hair in the desired direction for the bangs. If movement is desired, consider incorporating layering and texturizing techniques. Using a combination of slice-cutting and point-cutting, you can remove weight while also creating soft-feathered layers. A common mistake is over-thinning or over-texturizing which can result in frizzy hair. Once the bangs are cut to the desired length, take a step back and get a good look. Make any fine-tune adjustments using a point-cutting shear. Finish by styling the bangs according to the client’s preferences, using techniques such as diffusing, air drying, or styling with heat tools.

Maintenance and Care Routine

styling curly hair with bangs

To keep your curly bangs in perfect shape requires some effort. Hairstylists should guide their clients to establish a regular maintenance routine. Regular trims can prevent split ends and keep the bangs looking fresh. For everyday care, over-manipulating curls is not recommended and one should be as gentle as possible to avoid breakage. A wide-tooth comb is ideal to detangle the curls.  

What Tools to Use for Curly Hair Bangs?

best tools to use for cutting bangs with curly hair

Curls require excellent quality tools which are sharp and precise. Hanzo has a vast variety of hairstyling and texturizing shears which are ideal to get the job done. Hanzo’s Kamikaze is a renowned heavy-hitter which comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. These shears have an excellent weight distribution, combined with a wide blade, and exaggerated beveled design. These shears also come with a bumper, finger rest, and a tension control. For left-handed hairstylists, a left-handed version by the name HH1L Kamikaze is also available. 

For slide-cutting, the HH340T Mazeru Swivel is the ideal product as it can remove 50% of the hair to create an ideal blended look. For professional hairstylists looking for a more holistic solution, the Kime Set. This set combines an HH6 Kime and a HH6T Kime Texturizer. Again, these are ideal tools to get the job done as the HH6T Kime has an exaggerated radius combined with a brushed 20-degree offset handle. Similarly, the HH6T has 16-tooth for texturizing for ideal weight removal and the best choice for creative textures.

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