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different types of shears for different types of haircuts
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How to Use Different Shears for Different Hair Cutting Techniques

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Tackle Different Types Of Haircuts With These Shears And Techniques

One thing is common between all good professionals – they all have elaborate toolkits. Doctors have their stethoscope, engineers have their screwdrivers and hairstylists have different types of shears. An engineer might carry a couple different types of instruments. Similarly, a hairstylist needs to have different types of scissors for different types of haircuts.

Hanzo has a wide range of equipment for cutting hair with different blade thickness, shear length and swivel options. Be it point cutting, straight line cutting, texturising or other intricate style, Hanzo provides you the best perfect hair cutting equipment. Our products are designed with the finest quality materials ranging from high quality molybdenum to premium carbon steel.

Let’s look at different types of hair scissors and how they can be used to curate different haircuts.

Five Popular Hair Techniques For Different Types of Haircuts

Being a hairstylist is not just about cutting hair, it’s about understanding the complexities of each client’s unique hair type. A true hairstyling expert knows that a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it when it comes to dealing with different hair textures. For example, trying to chop away at thick, coarse hair with a regular pair of scissors is like trying to cut through steel with a butter knife – it’s just not going to work.

Thinning and Texturizing

Professional hairstylists have different types of scissors at their fingertips to help them deal with the varied hair textures they encounter. One such tool is the texturizer, which is particularly useful for managing thick hair. By utilizing their exceptional skills and a variety of precision tools, professional hairstylists can convert an untamed, voluminous hair into a polished and chic hairstyle. So that the clients leave the salon feeling exceptionally confident and attractive.

thinning and texturizing different types of scissors
Hanzo HH6T Kime Texturizer

Thinner scissors have a smooth blade on one side and teeth on the other. Some hairstylists use razors to thin out the hair which is not a very good approach as it causes lots of hair damage. Texturizers are the perfect tool for thinning hair without damaging them. Hanzo offers a wide range of 22 texturizing shears to choose from. The HH6T Kime Texturizer has 16 teeth with 6 inch length, an ergonomic handle, countersunk locking tension control, and is made with high quality carbon steel.

premium equipment for cutting hair
Hanzo HH88T1 Eighty-Eight Texturizer

Another popular offering is the HH88T1 Eighty-Eight Texturizer with premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel, dual removable tangs, and countersunk locking tension control. These texturizers are a must-have in your kit as they slide effortlessly even through curly hair with 14 angled 1/8th-inch teeth to remove approximately 55 percent of hair.

Explore our entire texturizing shears lineup here!

Intricate Styles

When it comes to creating intricate hairstyles which require high precision, stylists opt for short shear sizes ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 inches. The small size provides better control for a more detailed cut.

different style blade for cutting hair
Hanzo HH6 Kime

The HH6 Kime is an excellent choice for creating intricate hairstyles. This amazing shear is available in the right-hand version in 5 and 5.5 inch sizes. The shear is made in premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel with permanent finger rest, and brushed 20 degree offset handle. Primarily, it is designed as a dry cutting shear which is designed to push through thick coarse hair. The HH6S Kime is the Swivel version which further enhances control, with a strong emphasis on dry cutting properties.

haircut equipment
Hanzo HH1 Kamikaze

The HH1 Kamikaze is another excellent Hanzo product for hair stylists that prefer a shorter blade length. The 4.5 and 5.5 inch shear sizes are perfect for dry hair with an emphasis on dry slide cutting. HH1 Kamikaze belongs to the high-carbon line with an exaggerated bevel arc blade.

Point Cutting

hair cutting scissors types
Hanzo HH21 Gokai

Majority of the hair stylists prefer a straight set of scissors with thumb rings for point cutting. The HH21 Gokai is Hanzo’s proud offering which comes in 8.0 and 8.5 inch lengths. This shear is a heavy hitter with slightly thicker blades to provide just the right amount of tension. It is perfect for weight removal, point-cutting, and softening on dry hair – a versatile tool for different types of hair cuts.

Straight Line Cutting


types of scissors for hair
Hanzo HHPL Pai Mei

For a perfect straight line cut, the hairstylist needs a tool which helps in keeping the fingers steady. Hairstylists choose scissors with an angled handle area to reduce fatigue. The HHPL Pai Mei is one of Hanzo’s most versatile shear with premium nano powder steel and a brushed handle. The cutting blade is curved, carrying a 800 nm radius making this shear perfect for straight line cuts, even in the densest of sections.

Scissor Over Comb

scissors scissoring
Hanzo HH9T Kasumi

A large number of stylists love the scissor over comb technique which requires long hair-dressing scissors, typically a 6.0 inch or longer scissor is preferred for pulling off this technique. The HH40LT Mazeru (left-handed) and HH9T Kasumi are the ideal shears for scissor-over-comb technique.

The HH9T Kasumi has a 6.0 inch blade for cutting hair in shattered bob style with 7 teeth,and a 20 degree offset handle. This shear is capable of creating deep textured looks and perfect for Reverse U haircuts when combined with a point-cutting tool like the HH21 Gokai.

Hair Cutting Shears Types

The shape and feel of shear can matter a lot when it comes to the perfect haircut, regardless of the hair type. Different scissor shapes are available but for the optimum cut, it is best advised to pick one which fits comfortably in your hand. Picking the wrong shear will cause fatigue and you won’t be able to focus on the client’s hair. Here at Hanzo, we have a wide range of shear designs so you can pick the one that works best for you!


The classic shape is the one in which both blades are identical. The handle has a flat level and finger rings precisely align. Such shears are a little less ergonomic but the most popular among hairstylists. These shears work best for point cutting techniques. The HH88 – Eighty Eights are among Hanzo’s most popular classic options which are available in right handed option only with blade size ranging from 5.0 inches all the way to 6.5 inches.


Offset shears have angled handles and thumb rings. These shears offer more ergonomics compared to classic shears and are ideal for straight-line cutting, and vertical cutting techniques. The HH22T3-Tenshi is a texturizing shear belonging to the offset category in which one handle shank is slightly shorter than the other.


This is the most ergonomic of all shear designs and many hairstylists consider the crane shape to be the exaggerated version of the offset design. These shears have excellent ergonomics which helps overcome fatigue – a perfect shear design if you have a huge clientele. The HH11 Tsuku and the HH11T Hasuji are some of Hanzo’s excellent shears in crane design.

Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors

Swivel Shears and Double Swivel Shears

Are you a hairstylist who loves creating fabulous looks but suffers from finger fatigue and wrist strain after long hours of work? Do you want to work uninterrupted without worrying about any discomfort? If so, then Hanzo’s Swivel shears are perfect for you!

Designed with ergonomics in mind, these shears have a unique swiveling thumb hole that can be adjusted to fit your hand perfectly. With the Swivel shears, you can say goodbye to the pain and discomfort that comes with traditional shears. Plus, they allow you to adjust the position of your wrists and shoulders, giving you even more control over your cuts and reducing the risk of injury.

But if you want even more flexibility and control, then you need to check out Hanzo’s double swivel shears! These shears take things to the next level by making both the thumb and finger rings movable. So not only can you adjust the angle of the blades, but you can also customize the fit of the shears to your hand like never before.

Say goodbye to finger fatigue and wrist strain and hello to a more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable work experience with Hanzo’s Swivel and Double Swivel shears!

swivel shears double swivel shears

Check out Hanzo’s Swivel Range!

Short Blade Cutting Shears

These shears have a blade shorter than 5 inches and the typical blade size is 4.5 inches. Precision cutting tools like HH6-Kime fall into this category.

Long Blade Cutting Shears

These shears are most beneficial for scissor over comb technique. The HH2 Kae Waza is a good option which is available in sizes ranging from 5.0 inches, all the way to 7.5 inches. This long blade cutting shear has an ergonomic handle with a permanent finger rest.

Hair Thinning Shears/Texturizing Shears

Hair thinning shears, also known as texturizing shears, have an interesting design with one blade having teeth while the other is straight. They allow for even sectioning of hair and are used to remove excess weight, smooth blend lines and create soft, diffused shapes. Based on the number of blades, there are three types of texturizers which are as follows:

Chunking Shears

These shears have between 7 to 15 teeth and are suitable for removing excess weight from voluminous hair effortlessly. Wider blade spacing allows the hairstylists to create bolder and well-defined cuts. Hanzo’s HH9T Kasumi has 7 teeth with a six inch length, making it ideal for styles such as shattered bobs.

Finishing Shears

If you are looking to smooth the ends after a cut, finishing shears are the right tool. These shears have between 15 to 22 teeth and can help the hairstylists curate a soft, seamlests, and blended finish. The HH6T Kime Texturizer with 16 teeth is the perfect tool for dry-cutting enthusiasts. Its single-serrated teeth allow the shear to slide effortlessly and provide hair with softening without tearing.

Texturizing Shears

With 25 or more teeth, these shears are ideal for precise finishing touches. The HH8T Talon Texturizer gives you perfect control with 28 teeth. It is designed for medium to coarse hair and will be a valuable addition to your hairstyling toolkit.

Check out Hanzo’s Texturizing Range!

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