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Hattori Hanzo Shears Artist Spotlight: Angel Cardona

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Angel Cardona resides in Sunny Orlando, Florida. He developed a passion for hair and fashion at a young age and has quickly excelled in barbering and Men’s Grooming. Angel promptly learned the industry had much more to offer; he developed his cutting, color, & styling skills. It wasn’t too far off in his career to develop a passion for editorial photo shoots and create cohesive collections.

He has creatively directed numerous photoshoots for publications and styling celebrity and reality stars for TV and photoshoots. He has been a part of advertising campaigns for multiple radio shows.

Angel has an eye for balance and facial symmetry that allows him to create stunning, flattering cuts and exceptional color combined with his technical abilities. Mixing his skill & technique through incredible creativity, he can inspire with a real down-to-earth personality. He educates in all aspects of the industry from balayage, color melts, corrective colors, ombre’s, pastels, vivids, structured & edgy cuts, and different textures and styles.

Angel’s Favorite Shears

HH1- Kamikaze

HH6 – Kime

paul thompson favorite shears

angel cardona favorite shears

“HH1 is my favorite shear because I do a lot of dry cutting and it makes my work so much more effortless the way it glides through the hair. ” -AC

“HH6 is another favorite because it’s a shear that is so versatile I hardly ever have to put it down.” -AC

Get To Know Angel

What is a shear do you believe every STYLIST should have in their kit?

Every stylist should own an HH6 it as far as shears go it does it all. All you need after that is your favorite texturizer!

Which shear do you believe every BARBER should have in their kit?

Every barber needs an HHV to get the sharpest cuts.

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career?

The most pivotal moment in my career had to have been when I decided to start over at a new salon that was more than double what I was changing previously. That set me on a new direction to build my career.

How long did it take you to become an educator in the industry and what was your breakthrough moment?

I gave education a few tries throughout the start of my career but decided to fully dive in and take it to another level once I hit about 7 years behind the chair. I was invited to audition for a styling brand called Sebastian Professional and after landing the position about a year later I was invited to educate for their sister company WELLA as a color educator as well. I still work with both brands 9 years later today.

Give us the best advice do you have for hair professionals wanting to become educators in the industry

I would recommend to share as often as you can it will only help you grow when you help others.

Who or What motivates you in life?

Staying curious keeps me motivated, staying open-minded allows me to explore ideas I may not have had before.

What is something no one would guess about you?

I used to do makeup & body painting, I was the creative director of a fashion magazine for 3 years!

If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Never run out of time, health, or money until I decide to.

What is your spirit animal and why?

An eagle! When every other bird & animal tries to find shelter in a storm the eagle flies above the storm.

Your favorite part about being a Hanzo Educator?

My favorite part about being a Hanzo educator would be helping other hairdressers advance their skills & techniques.

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