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Hattori Hanzo Shears Artist Spotlight: Paul Thompson

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Paul Thompson is a professional hairstylist from Manchester, England. He is the owner of @thompsonstyleltd hair salon Manchester U.K.

Paul has been active in the hair industry since 2000. He began his career at independent Salons around Manchester before managing, then progressed onto taking the massive step of owning his own salon Thompson.Style ltd.

He educates in schools in the U.K and regularly educates at local schools career days, cuts hair on stage, and trains his ever-growing staff. He’s worked on photo shoots and competitions all over the U.K. Paul prides himself on being a master on salon 5* service and an educator on managing a full book and how to grow your business. He also owns bars and nightclubs, so the service industry is his specialty. He is infectious to be around, and his passion for the hair industry is a gift to witness.

Paul’s classes are full of cutting techniques and strategies to grow your business.



HHVT1- Mamba Texturizer

paul thompson favorite shears

paul thompson favorite hanzo shears

Paul says he loves both of these shears because they allow him to style hair with freedom and confidence!

Salon Ownership Advice From Paul

Paul has owned his salon for 10 years. He opened the salon so he could have the freedom to implement the ideas and visions he wanted to create. Paul says “My tip is to become as good as you possibly can at a certain area of the hair world. Become great at it. Also go on business courses and self educate, we are hair stylist and not always born business people so learn. Ask you customers about what they do and learn from them.”

Get To Know Paul

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career?

Becoming a mentor to my members of staff to help them reach there goals.

Who inspired you to join the hair industry?

My twin brother, Cole Thompson

In your opinion, what is the hardest part of being a Hair Professional?

Consistency, being able to perform every single day!

What is your favorite part about being a Hanzo Educator?

The family. Support and instantly being made to feel part of the family.

What is your favorite service to do?

Hair cut. Behind every great person is an incredible hair cut.. unless your Bruce Willis!

What is your least favorite service to do?

Perming. Don’t like getting perm solution on my suit!

How long did it take you to become an educator in the industry and what was your breakthrough moment?

14 years. My moment was when cole had a noisey stylist who attended his class so I cut his hair to keep him quiet and then the rest is history! Cole and I did a run of 6 classes that weekend together.

If you were a pizza what toppings would you have and why?

A habanero chilly. Small but spicy as hell.

If you could travel to a different time, when would you choose?

To my wedding day to be able to enjoy it again.

If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

To speak all the languages in the world

My two sons have a healthy life

To not lose my teeth! I like my teeth

What is something unique you teach in your Hanzo classes?

Work ethic. Respect. Passion. Techniques that can be used on every guest in your chair.

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