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How to Give the Best Choppy Layered Haircut?

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Everybody loves luscious layered hair but many hairstylists are not very confident when it comes to cutting choppy layered haircuts. These haircuts look amazing and require a good degree of precision to pull off successfully. One of the most used techniques for creating the choppy layered haircuts is the point cutting technique that helps in adding pliable layers. Here is the important bit – the angle of your shear will determine if your layers will become chunky or not. 

Summary of the Article

  • Use the point cutting technique for pliable layers.
  • The shearing angle determines chunkiness or smoothness.
  • Suitable for medium to thick hair.
  • Compliments oval, round, or square face shapes.
  • Begin with a thorough consultation and hair assessment.
  • Work with clean, damp hair, divide into sections, and cut at the desired angle.
  • Employ point-cutting techniques for tailored results.

Who Would Like a Choppy Layered Haircut?

choppy long layered haircuts

  • Hair Type: Anyone can get the choppy layered hairstyle but it is idle for people with medium to thick hair. This hairstyle is not recommended for curly hair but it is a matter of personal preference. The choppy layers add movement and texture – this can enhance the overall appearance of thicker hair. 
  • Face Shapes: The choppy layered haircut can look good on people with an oval, round, or square face. Females with medium length hair and heart-shaped face can also go for this stylish haircut. 

Choppy layers can beautifully compliment oval faces by adding dimension and texture without disturbing the natural balance of the face. If the client has a round face, the choppy layers will make it appear stylishly elongated by creating vertical lines and adding volume to the crown. For people with a square face, choppy layered haircuts can provide a balanced and flattering look.     

The Best Way to Give Choppy Layered Haircuts (for Females)

Let’s start with the most important step in creating a curated haircut – consultation. Begin with understanding the client’s preferences, understanding the lifestyle, and gaining a decent idea about the end results. Second step is to assess the client’s hair type, texture, and face shape. This will help in creating the most flattering layers. It is best advised to start with clean and damp hair. Shampooing and drying the hair prior to haircut will surely improve the outcome. Let the hair dry so that the scissors do not slip and the hair is easier to control. 

long choppy layered haircuts

Divide the hair into sections to make the cutting process more manageable. Grip the hair between fingers and grip the hair tight to create a fan effect. When sectioning hair, the thumb should be directly behind the index finger. Bend the finger and it will cause the hair to fan. Now, it is finally time to cut the hair and there are two ways to go about it. If you cut parallel to the floor, you will be reducing weight. But if the hairstylist cuts at an angle, they will be reducing length while creating a choppy edge. Hence, the angle at which you cut the hair matters a lot.

While point-cutting, instead of moving the shears and keeping the hair stationary, try an alternate method. Rotate the fanned out hair while keeping the shear stationary. This will ensure that you are removing weight and the end result will be less choppy/uneven layers. For a more uneven/messy look, rotate the shear and keep the hair stationary. 

Which Hanzo Shears are Ideal for Choppy Layered Hairstyle?

To create amazing hairstyles, you need amazing tools and what better place than Hanzo. Try the Hanzo Kamikaze which comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches in length. The shorter versions are ideal for cutting through coarse hair and have excellent dry cutting abilities. The HHV Mamba also comes in sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. Mamba is an amazing high-carbon dry cutting shear that is ideal for point cutting. 

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