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Disconnected Layers in Haircut – What Is It? How To Do It?

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When it comes to hairstyling, understanding the intricacies of different haircutting techniques is crucial. One such technique that’s gaining popularity is the use of disconnected layers in haircuts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll focus on disconnected layers, exploring what they are, how they differ from connected haircuts, who they’re suitable for, and how to achieve the best results. Plus, we’ll share some pro tips and recommended tools for achieving the perfect disconnected layered haircut.

What Exactly Are Disconnected Layers?

Disconnected layers are a unique approach to haircutting where certain sections of hair are intentionally left distinct from the rest. This results in a striking contrast in terms of length, texture, or both. These sections appear to “disconnect” from the surrounding hair, creating a bold and eye-catching look. Disconnected layers can be customized to suit different face shapes, hair types, and personal preferences.

Connected Vs. Disconnected Hair – What’s The Difference?

Connected haircuts involve smoothly transitioning from one section of hair to another, creating a uniform and blended appearance. In contrast, disconnected haircuts intentionally create a disconnect between sections, making them stand out from the rest. Disconnected layers often offer a more edgy and dramatic look compared to the seamless flow of connected haircuts.

Are Disconnected Layers For Everyone?

Disconnected layers are versatile, but they may not be suitable for everyone. They tend to work exceptionally well for clients looking to add volume, texture, or drama to their hair. Disconnected layers can definitely spice up the hair game. 

People with straight, wavy, or curly hair can all benefit from disconnected layers.

How To Do The Best Disconnected Haircut

Achieving the best disconnected haircut involves a few key steps:

  1. Consultation: Start by discussing the basics of disconnected layers with your client.  Assess their hair type, face shape, and lifestyle to create a customized plan.
  2. Sectioning: Identify the areas where you want to create the disconnection, typically around the crown, sides, or front. Section off these areas carefully.
  3. Cutting Technique: Use the appropriate cutting technique (e.g., point cutting or slicing) to create the desired contrast in length or texture.
  4. Blending: Blend the disconnected sections with the rest of the hair, ensuring a balanced and harmonious look.

Giving Personal Touches To This Haircut

Disconnected layers are highly customizable, allowing you to add your personal touch. Consider factors like the degree of disconnection, layer length, and whether you want to incorporate additional elements like bangs or asymmetry. Communicate your preferences with your client to achieve a unique and flattering result.

Best Hanzo Hair Shears For A Disconnected Layered Haircut

Professional tools are essential for a successful disconnected haircut. Hanzo’s high-quality shears offers a range of options suitable for precision cutting. Many hair stylists prefer using a combination of swivel shears and texturizers for creating the perfect disconnected look. HH1S Kamikaze Swivel, HHV Mamba, and HH22T3 Tenshi Texturizer shears continue to be popular shears for achieving the perfect disconnected haircut. 


What Does Disconnected Mean in a Haircut?

In a haircut, “disconnected” refers to intentionally creating sections of hair that stand out from the rest, usually by varying the length or texture, resulting in a distinct contrast.

How Do You Fix Choppy Layers?

Choppy layers can be fixed by dealing with hair unevenness and strategically adjusting the layers to create a smoother, more balanced look.

Do Layers Make Hair Look Thicker?

Yes, layers can make hair appear thicker by removing weight and adding volume. They create movement and texture, giving the illusion more voluminous hair.

In conclusion, disconnected layers in haircuts offer a trendy and versatile option for those looking to make a bold style statement. Understanding the nuances of this technique, and using the right tools will help you give a stunning disconnected layered haircut.

Checkout our line of premium hair shears to give the best disconnected haircuts to your clients.

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