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Shears vs Scissors – Which are Better for Hair Cutting?

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Shears Vs Scissors – An Overview

Hair cutting is an art that requires precision and skill, and choosing the right tool can significantly impact the quality of the final result. When it comes to hair cutting, two primary tools are often debated: shears vs scissors. In this article, we’ll delve into the key differences between shears and scissors, examine their advantages and drawbacks, and help you make an informed decision based on your hair cutting needs.

Key Differences Between Shears and Scissors

Construction and Design

Shears are designed with longer blades and offset handles, allowing for more controlled cutting. They come in various sizes, with the longer ones offering better reach and precision. Scissors, on the other hand, typically have equally-sized handles and shorter blades, making them more suitable for general tasks.

Blade Sharpness and Angle

Shears are engineered with extremely sharp blades and a specific cutting angle, making them adept at slicing through hair without causing damage or split ends. Scissors tend to have a slightly blunter angle, which might not yield the same level of precision as shears.

Weight and Comfort

Shears are often lighter than regular scissors, as their design emphasizes comfortable, prolonged use during haircuts. The ergonomic handle design of shears reduces strain on the hand and wrist, allowing hairstylists to maintain precise cuts with minimal fatigue.

Why Use Shears Instead of Scissors?

Precision Cutting

Shears are engineered for precision. The sharp, fine blades and ergonomic design enable hairstylists to achieve intricate cuts, blend layers seamlessly, and create intricate hair textures with ease. The offset handles provide more control, allowing for delicate adjustments while cutting.

Reduced Hair Damage

Shears’ sharp blades slice through hair cleanly, minimizing the risk of hair damage or split ends. This is crucial for maintaining hair health, especially in professional settings.


While designed for hair cutting, shears can also be used for various other hairdressing tasks such as thinning, texturizing, and shaping. Their versatility makes them an indispensable tool for hairstylists.

shears vs scissors

Can I Use Scissors Instead of Shears?

While it’s technically possible to use regular scissors for hair cutting, they might not yield the same level of precision and control as shears. Regular scissors lack the specialized blade angle and ergonomic design required for professional hair cutting. Attempting to use regular scissors could lead to uneven cuts and increased hair damage.

Uses of Shears

Shears are versatile tools in the hands of skilled hairstylists. Apart from standard haircuts, they are used for:

  1. Blending and texturizing to create natural-looking layers.
  2. Thinning out thick hair for a more manageable texture.
  3. Creating intricate hair patterns and designs.
  4. Detailing and finishing touches for polished hairstyles.

Can You Use Shears to Cut Hair?

Absolutely! In fact, shears are the preferred tool for professional hairstylists when it comes to cutting hair. The specialized design, sharp blades, and ergonomic handles of shears make them indispensable for achieving precise cuts, maintaining hair health, and crafting intricate hairstyles.

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Hattori Hanzo HH1S Kamikaze Swivel 

scissors vs shears
Hattori Hanzo HH1S Kamikaze Swivel

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Hattori Hanzo HH6 Kime

hair shears vs scissors
Hattori Hanzo HH6 Kime

Experience the Hattori Hanzo HH6: a high-carbon marvel designed for dry cutting mastery. Its robust blade conquers thick hair effortlessly, while the unique radius enables flawless peeling techniques. Ergonomic, precise, and backed by a lifetime warranty. These right handed shears are available in three sizes (5.0/5.5/6.0 inches), come with a screw-in bumper, permanent finger rest, brushed 20 degree offset handle and countersunk locking tension control mechanism. 

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Shears Vs Scissors FAQs

What is the difference between shears and scissors?

Shears have longer blades, offset handles, and a specific cutting angle optimized for hair cutting. Scissors have shorter blades and equally-sized handles, making them more general-purpose.

Why use shears instead of scissors?

Shears offer precision, reduced hair damage, and versatility for various hairdressing tasks due to their specialized design and sharp blades.

Can I use scissors instead of shears?

While possible, regular scissors lack the precision and specialized features of shears, potentially leading to uneven cuts and increased hair damage.

What are the uses of shears?

Shears are used for precise hair cutting, blending layers, texturizing, thinning, creating patterns, and adding finishing touches to hairstyles.

Can you use shears to cut hair?

Yes, shears are the preferred tool for professional hairstylists, offering the precision and control needed for optimal hair cutting results.

In conclusion, the choice between shears and scissors boils down to your hair cutting goals. If precision, hair health, and versatile styling are your priorities, investing in quality shears is a wise choice for achieving impeccable haircuts and hairstyles.

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