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4 Reasons Investing In High Quality Professional Shears Will Make You More Money

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You read that right; investing in professional shears will bring more money in for you! Your shears are one of the most vital tools used as a hair professional, and far too often, hair professionals use low-quality tools because they are less expensive. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When using a lower quality, less expensive shear, chances are you will have to replace it much earlier. High-quality shears come with a heftier price tag, but they bring in so many more benefits to outweigh that extra cost.

Longevity Of Shear Life

The first reason why high-quality shears will bring you more money is the lifetime of the shear. When you buy a shear made of low-quality materials, it will have a far shorter life span than a high-quality shear. High-quality shears will be made out of materials meant to last a long time and withstand a more extended timeframe of cutting hair. High-quality shears are a more significant investment, but you will not have to purchase them as often; therefore, you will save money. If you consider buying a low-quality shear, you will have to replace it much earlier than a shear made out of high-quality materials.

Less Sharpening

All shears have to be cared for and sharpened regularly. When cutting through hair, it will dull shears over time. Shear blades becoming dull are inevitable. Although with a higher quality shear, you will not have to sharpen as often as a shear made with lower quality material. The materials used to make up a higher quality shear are usually stronger and can sustain many more haircuts, saving you money on sharpenings!

Higher Quality = Higher Prices

professional shearsWhen you invest in your career and use higher quality products and tools, you can charge more for your services. Clients love being cared for with the best, most high-quality products and tools. Investing in good-quality shears is a great way to raise prices. If your clients ask why you are increasing your fees, you can tell them because you are investing in the most high-quality tools to care for their hair. Having shears that are made from the finest materials is something that every client will be happy about.

Cut Down On Service Time With Professional Shears

High-quality shears will reduce your cutting time simply because of their sharpness. Japanese steel shears and extremely sharp and cut through hair like butter. Additionally, if you purchase a shear with a longer blade, it will cut through more hair while fast and persistent. If you can cut your haircut times down from 30 mins to 15 mins, you can fit more clients in your chair and make more money throughout the day.

High-quality shears are a fantastic way to elevate your career and invest in yourself. Every hair professional should invest in a higher quality shear to save money on constantly purchasing new shears and always sharpening shears! Check out our excellent Hanzo shears to get high-quality shears in your hair kit!

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