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6 Ways To Build An Emotional Connection With Your Clients

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Emotional connections are golden nuggets in business. It is essential to build connections with those around you and those who do business with you to be successful. These types of connections aren’t just “oh yes she i my client” its more like “Oh yes, Shelly is my client , her favorite color is pink and she has 4 kids” It’s getting to know your customers and building those relationships with them that are on a much deeper level. That is what will keep them coming back to you to get their hair done. Here are six ways to build a strong emotional connection with your clients.

The Small Moments Matter Most

A common misconception as a hair professional is that as long as clients leave with beautiful hair, they will be happy and keep coming back. While every client desires perfect hair, what keeps customers coming back is your relationships with them. Connections get built through the small moments throughout the service. Also, personal touches within every form of communication you have with the client, whether sending them a personal thank you card or birthday card, making the small moments more personal, will build a stronger emotional connection.

Take Note Of The Deficit In Relationships

While technology is fantastic for many reasons in our industry, it often takes away the human connection. We are all communicating through electronics all day long, and with covid, we are getting even less exposure to human contact. Take note of the deficit in human connection and make up for it when your clients are communicating with you or when they are at their appointment with you. Making the extra effort to have guinea conversations will go a long way.

Beware Of Empathy Fatigue

Empathy fatigue is more commonly associated with oncology nursing, Funeral home, and behavioral therapy. These careers see so much emotional pain and suffering that they sometimes become empathy fatigued. At the same time, these professionals see emotional pain much more often, that is not to say with the current state of the world that hairdressers and barbers are not experiencing the same thing. In order to avoid becoming emotionally drained, it is essential to stay empathetic and compassionate towards others. Not only will staying honest with yourself about your empathy and compassion help keep you in check, but your customers will feel much more understood and appreciated when you constantly show empathy and compassion.

Allow Your Clients To Feel Special

build an emotional connection with your clientsThe most important part of your customer service is allowing your customers to feel something. Allowing your customers to feel heard and appreciated will go a long way. To do this, you must build that emotional connection with your clients. The best way to make sure this is happening is to examine your customer service practices and add personal touches to those everyday staple practices to ensure your clients are “feeling something.”

Find the Conversation Gifts

Conversation gifts are a central key point to pay attention to and grab bits of the conversation to hold on to and build. Conversations gifts are golden nuggets throughout your discussions with customers to create a new discussion later. A great rule of thumb is to use the “FORD” method. FORD stands for family, occupation, recreation, and dreams. These are topics that people love to talk about and great topics to start quality conversations that show your level of care for each client. Remembering that your client’s daughter’s birthday party is next month and has a princess theme will allow you to bring it up on your next visit and get details on how the party went! Taking note of essential things in your clients’ lives and showing that you care will build a solid emotional connection with your customers.

Use Relationship Tricks

All small investments in client relationships are essential to building a solid emotional connection. A great way to make someone feel special is instead of just texting them “thank you” or “happy birthday,” sending them a personal video of you telling them “thank you” or any message you want to send. Video messages make a big difference in delivery and make a much more significant impact than text messages.

Emotional connections are the key to a successful business and a complete list of clientele. Making those extra efforts to make clients feel unique or heard will stay with them and keep them returning. There is nothing better than feeling recognized and appreciated. Your customers will love the extra effort!

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