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Salon Improvement Ideas: Salon Amenities Ideas To Make Clients Feel More Comfortable

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Salon amenities are an essential part of the overall experience of a salon visit. When clients get their hair done, they are most likely looking for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. When the salon has exceptional amenities, it makes the clients feel appreciated and relaxed. Salon business environments should cater to their client’s needs and preferences because the clients are the essential part of the business. Hair salon amenities can range from a client’s beverage selection to more extensive options like massages and movies. These ideas for amenities are a fantastic way to enhance the client experience in the salon.



Having a variety of beverages is a staple for salon amenities. The perfect way to serve drinks in the salon is by purchasing mini-sized cans and bottles of beverages. Having a variety to choose from will make the client feel special. If your local regulations allow, serving wine or champagne is a hit at salons and spas. Getting your hair done while spinning on wine is super relaxing to many guests and will enhance their visit.


Snacks are a great option to have for your guests. Depending on the client’s service, they could be in the salon for a very long time. If a client is in the salon for a long time, they may get hungry; having the option to offer snacks is fantastic for these times. A great way to serve snacks is in a basket of pre-packaged snacks with opportunities for all dietary restrictions.

Salon Tv’s

TVs are a great way to entertain your guests while getting their hair done or waiting in the processing area. Playing “chick-flick” movies throughout the day is a great option to cater to each salon client. Another option is to play music videos or a hit TV show.


Magazines are a staple in salons. The key to this amenity is having up-to-date, relevant magazines and going through them frequently to get rid of old and damaged magazines. When subscribing to get magazines for your business, make sure to get something for everyone, as well as a magazine that focuses on new hair trends.

Warm Towel For The Client

There is just something special about a warm towel that feels upscale and fancy. If your business is in a hotter state, you could offer chilled towels infused with lavender or any other natural scent. Serving your guests these towels will make them feel extra special.

Massage Chair For Your Business

A massage chair would be an investment. A massage chair would be a fantastic amenity to add to the salon. The clients could use it for clients waiting for their appointment or even for clients whose color is processed. There are sleek and beautiful massage chairs on the market now that don’t even look like a massage chair.

Restroom Refreshing Station

A station in your salon restroom is a fantastic amenity to offer for your guest. Simply having a basket in the bathroom filled with essential supplies to refresh is lovely. The basket can include mouthwash, spray deodorant, feminine hygiene products, body spray, and breath mints. These are all items that your clients will appreciate.

A “Selfie” Station

An excellent idea for an added amenity is a selfie station. After clients get their hair done and maybe even a makeup touch up they will be feeling confident and beautiful. Having a selfie station or area for your clients to take pictures is a great option to add to salons. The salon’s selfie station can have braided material to market your business while allowing your clients to take great pictures of themselves.

Coffee Bar Amenities

Coffee makes the world go round! Having a coffee station accessible to your clients is a great option to have in the salon. The salon should load the salon coffee bar with all the essential supplies like sugar, creamer, and any other coffee toppings. Having unique toppings and additives that can dress up the coffee can add a special touch to the coffee bar.

Good Music

A great playlist with upbeat, relevant music is a must for salons. Researching and finding the most popular songs and playlists to play is a great way to have ease of mind that the clients will enjoy the songs playing in the salon.

Fresh Scent

A great scent is always pleasant to salon clients and guests. Burn a candle that smells heavenly, and a tip is to sell that candle as well. This way, you are capitalizing on having a great scent in your salon. Whenever a client says, wow, it smells so good in here, you can say, thanks, it’s this candle, and we have them available for our clients; you can purchase one today if you would like.

Positive Vibes

Positive vibes throughout your salon will create an environment that everyone loves. There is nothing better than walking into a place and instantly feeling the good upbeat energy from the staff. Make sure your team is on the same page about this and knows the desired vibe. With that, to keep a great vibe in your salon, it is essential to keep your employees happy, build rapport with them and do things to bring the salon staff closer and more content.

Makeup Application Station

Many times after a hair salon appointment, client’s makeup may be messed up, especially around their hairline. Offering a quick makeup touch-up at the salon makeup station is a great amenity to have in your business. Much like the candle, having retail makeup that the clients can purchase will allow you to not only make money off the application but make money off the purchase of the salon makeup products.

Chair Massage

If a salon massage chair seems too steep of a price tag to pay for, getting a massage therapist to come to the salon do massages a few times a week is a great option. Your clients will love the possibility of getting a massage while they wait or while their hair color process. The salon clients may even want to get the message after their appointment before they head out. Chair massages are a fantastic amenity for your salon clients and staff also!

All of these amenities are unique ways to enhance your client’s salon experience. Whether you choose to implement one, three, or all of the ideas, you will be improving your salon amenities and making your clients feel relaxed. Your clients are the backbone of the business, and without them, the business wouldn’t exist. Salon amenities are a great way to jazz up your salon.

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