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Hattori Hanzo Shears

This Shear Kit Will Create the Perfect Modern Shag Every Time

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Shag haircuts have made a huge comeback. We are seeing them every rocked by both women and men. It is a versatile hairstyle that comes in various shapes and sizes. Stylists and Barbers can do shag cuts in many different ways, but the tools needed stay the same across the board. We put together the perfect combo of shears in this shear kit to create the ideal shag every time!

The HH1 Kamikaze

The Hattori Hanzo HH1 Kamikaze is part of Hanzo’s high-carbon shears family. We developed the HH1 for dry hair, emphasizing dry slide cutting. The exaggerated bevel arc on the blade sets the Kamikaze apart from the rest of the high-carbon line. Crafted with a wide blade, the HH1 pushes through thick, coarse dry hair. And because the design of the Kamikaze emphasizes pushing hair through as the scissor closes–this shear will not cut a sharp line. The HH1 is perfect for the stylist who does a lot of dry finishing work and dry detail work such as channel cutting, slide cutting, carving, face-framing, and point cutting. The Kamikaze is especially useful for curly-haired clients because stylists do not usually cut sharp lines in dry hair–and many stylists cut curly hair dry. The HH1 is adept at layering and texturizing hair and blending extensions. The HH1 Kamikaze comes in three versions: 5.5″, 6.0”, and 6.5” in length.

hh1 kamikaze shear kit

An HH6 Kime

The HH6 is a staple in Hanzo’s high-carbon shear range, with a strong emphasis placed on its dry-cutting properties. Potentially our most well-rounded shear, the HH6 not only efficiently cuts dry hair but will make short work of any wet haircutting as well. It has a thicker blade designed to quickly push through thick, coarse dry hair. The radius on the edges of the HH6 is slightly different to help it to peel hair via techniques like channel cutting and slide cutting. This shear will not tear hair like many other shears might when performing these techniques. And even though there is a slight bevel at the tip, you can still cut exquisite sharp lines on wet hair. The Kime was developed with an ergonomic handle plus an offset on the thumb to give the user more control and comfort while cutting. It comes in three lengths between 5.0” and 6.0” inches. We also offer the Kime in a 6.0” inch left-handed configuration called the HH6L and a swivel version called the HH6S.

hh6 kime shears

The VT1 Mamba Texturizer

The Hattori Hanzo Shears HHVT1 is explicitly developed with the dry-cutting enthusiast in mind. Its 14 individual teeth feature sword-like edges that maintain dry hair integrity by sealing hair cuticles without tearing the hair. The HHVT1 helps save time as a point-cutting replacement tool and allows the client to break through thick weight lines to blend and add deeper texture to long hair.

vt1 mamba texturizer

A 14t Shimatta

The Hattori Hanzo Shears HH14T is a 26-toothed medium-coarse blending texturizer. The Shimatta is an extremely efficient debulking tool that gives cutters the ability to remove significant weight. It allows barbers and stylists to blend the hair to add a nice, soft visual texture. The HH14T is fundamentally your “industry standard” texturizer, except that this is a considerable upgrade to the “thinning shears” that most stylists learn to use in beauty school. The curved teeth of the HH14T let this shear slide-out seamlessly without grabbing hair, while the micro serrations on the top of the teeth help add a hint of visual texture.

14t shimatta shears

These four shears are the perfect combination for a shag haircut. You will be able to perform various hair cuts along with the shag when you have these shears in your collection. Haircutting is an art; any genuine artist has many paintbrushes for multiple reasons. Haircutting is no different. You need various tools to create the most beautiful masterpieces!

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