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Make The Most Out Of The Holiday Season With These Tips

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The holiday season is here. What an exciting time for salon staff and owners. It is not only the busiest time of the year but it is also the most cheerful time of the year. There can be a lot of commotion in salons during this time so taking the time to really enjoy the craziness and make the most of the time will cause for an even better holiday season! Take these steps below and apply them to make the most out of the holiday season!

Cheerful Holiday Decor

There is nothing quite like cheerful holiday decor to bring a smile to your client’s face. Decorate your space with holiday decor that is tasteful and items that compliment your space. There are easy ways to decorate with wreaths and ribbons; Even just a cute holiday sign can add a little holiday flair to your area. Another excellent decor piece is a pretty holiday doormat!

Enticing Promotions

The holiday season is the perfect time to run promotions! Everyone loves a good sale or promotion, especially during the holiday season where a lot of money is being spent. Get creative with your promotions, but remember not to go overboard. You don’t want to lose money! A great promotion is a gift with the purchase of retail products; many salon suppliers will be running promotions where you can get free products with your retail purchases. You could potentially run a promotion like this without losing any money!

Stock The Shelves

Holiday gift sets are a huge hit this time of the year. Everyone loves getting beauty products as gifts, and it’s an easy gift to give when it is already bundled together. Make sure you have your gift sets on display where your clients can see them and quickly grab them to purchase.

Make A Fun Holiday Playlist

Joyful holiday music will brighten the whole vibe in the salon. Whatever you use to play music, make a playlist that has upbeat and fun holiday music too. You may even be able to find a playlist that has already been created that you can use.

Give Back To Your Community

This time of the year is a great time to give back to your community. Picking a few families to donate to or maybe running a fundraiser through your salon. Giving is a massive part of the holiday season, and you can make a significant impact on your community by giving back.

Show Your Clients Gratitude

holiday season tips for salonsGratitude is the root of happiness. When you show gratitude to your clients, they will feel appreciated. Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your clients. Also, a handwritten note speaks volumes. If you can write holiday notes to each of your clients before their appointment thanking them for their loyalty and wish them a happy new year and happy holidays! This will go a long way!

Spread Cheer To Your Staff Or Co-Workers

If you are the salon owner, the holidays are a fantastic time to show your appreciation to your staff. Giving gifts to each staff member will show them how much you care and allow them to feel appreciated. Also, doing a holiday get-together or dinner can help build camaraderie and also show appreciation. If you are an employee, giving small gifts to your co-workers will make them feel loved and appreciated as well!

The holidays should be a joyful time in the salon. This is a great time to celebrate your successes and show love to customers. Bring happiness to your space and spread cheer this holiday season!

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