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6 Budget Friendly Holiday Gifts For Salon Clients

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As a hair professional, the relationships you build with your clients are the glue that holds the business together. Clients love to feel heard, seen, and appreciated. Of course, throughout the year, you have quality conversations with your clients and make great connections, but the holidays are a great time to make them feel extra special. Since so many clients and gifts can be costly, planning and being strategic with your gifting is essential. Here is a list of amazing budget friendly holiday gifts for salon clients.

Hand-Written Card

Handwritten notes hit differently. Getting a personalized handwritten note from someone feels special. You can pick up some holiday cards in bulk from your local superstore and write a letter to each of your clients thanking them for their loyalty and wishing them happy holidays and a happy new year. Make the note even more personal by throwing in detail about that client’s life that you know will make them feel appreciated and heard. A handwritten note is very inexpensive but feels super special.

Coupon For Their Next Service

Give the gift of a small coupon for their next service. Yes, this will be a little money out of your pocket, but your clients will feel appreciated and will love the gesture. You can either do a number value like $5 – $10 off or a percentage like 10% off your next service. These gifts are great because they allow you to make money still while making your clients feel special.


Candles are a great gift to give for the holidays. Most people either host or attend gatherings, and a nicely scented candle can complement any space. Rather than purchasing many large, expensive candles, check your local discount stores for mini candles that are perfect for gifting.

Sample Hair Mask

sample hair mask budget friendly holiday gifts for salon clientsSamples are great as a gift to your clients. Not only do they fall in line with your work, but they are something that every client will love. All of our hair needs a little TLC during the winter months, so hair masks are a great option. Most beauty supply stores sell small sample-sized products. Your beauty supply rep may even have free samples that they can give you for your clients; it never hurts to ask!

A Handmade Gift

Handmade gifts are another gift that always feels extra special. If you are crafty or artsy, which chances as a hairstylist you probably are, get crafty! Make your clients a handmade gift with a personal touch for the holiday season. Some fun handmade gift ideas are homemade soaps, scrubs, or Homemade ornaments. These are relatively easy to make and would make a sweet personal gift.

Custom Bakery Items

Bakery items are loved by most. Whether you back them yourself and individually wrap them, or you have them made for your clients. You really can’t go wrong with a yummy festive treat for your clients.

Gifts get costly, especially if you have your family for which you are buying gifts, so when it comes to your clients, try to stay budget-friendly while keeping things personal and friendly. Your clients will appreciate anything you give them as a gift. Your kindness will not go unnoticed and might even bring you some new business!

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