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10 Instagram Tips For Hair Professionals From A Social Media Specialist

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Instagram is becoming even more critical when it comes to growth as a hair professional. Technology can be tricky and confusing due to the endless ways to use the platforms and the number of competitors on the apps. Social media can be a vital tool in growing your business and can drastically impact if used correctly. There are many aspects to pay attention to when using Instagram, from how you are taking photos to posting times. You can use the engagement on your account to digest and figure out when your followers are most active. It seems that Instagram is the first place new customers go to check out a hair professional’s work. As a hair professional, the pictures you are posting are a true testament to your craft and expertise. We sat down with a social media specialist to deliver you ten tips to improve your Instagram game.

The More Info, The Better

Make sure your shop address is listed on your profile bio. If you’re trying to gain clients from your social media- perspective, clients need to know where you’re located.

Timing Is Huge

Post at what would be 8 am or 9 am in your time zone. If you want an evening post, post at 7 or 8 pm in your time zone. Those are the times when most users are active in their time zones.

Get Creative With Captions

Stop captioning your photos as descriptors of the image. For example- captioning a photograph of someone with caramel highlights “caramel coffee ️“ doesn’t do anything for your clients. They can already tell that it’s a caramel color. Instead, caption it about how to maintain that color. Or why someone would want that color over a different shade. Utilize your captions to educate your clients, not to describe to them what is in the photograph.

Show Yourself In Motion

Post video content. Most viewers watch the first 6-8 seconds of a video. So when you’re posting a video, you have to grab their attention within that time frame. They will watch longer if they like the content.


Hype your fellow team members up. If someone on a Facebook group is looking for a stylist or barber, post one of your co-worker’s information and have them do the same for you. Referrals and recommendations are often more attention-grabbing when they come from someone who isn’t you. Form a small hype squad and lean on one another.

Get Your Lighting Right

Make sure to have good lighting wherever you’re taking a photo. If you photograph outside, avoid direct sunlight- photograph in the shade instead whereas, If you photograph inside, the light you’re using is anywhere between 10-45° around their face. Try to avoid putting the light directly in front of their face. Direct light on certain features will make them appear larger. The end goal of a client photograph is to have them share it on their page hopefully. If they don’t like the way they look- they won’t.

Hashtags Make A Difference

Use hashtags! Put them in either the first comment of the post or in the post itself. For reels- I find that putting them in the post itself works best.

Google Business Is Your Friend

Utilize a Google business page. 92% of people will search Google for something instead of social media channels. If you don’t have a Google business page- you won’t show up. Anytime you post a photo on your social, also post it on your Google business page. The more interaction you have with that page- the more likely you’ll show up first when someone searches for hair professionals in your area.

Organize With Highlight Tabs

Utilize the Instagram highlights tabs as a way for clients to see your menu, referrals, any discounts or promos you have going on, and your location info. Treat your Instagram highlights as a mini webpage.

Share Helpful EDU Tips

Create educational content for TikTok. The content that goes viral in video format always shows someone how to do something. Here are some examples:

How to properly detangle your hair.

The best way to line up your beard at home.

How to apply smoothing serum.

5 great ways to care for dry hair.

How to give yourself a DIY blowout.

All of these tips can and will help you grow your Instagram following and grow your business. Instagram is a vital part of success in today’s world and should be taken seriously and used as a critical tool in your industry. Dive in deep to educate yourself about Instagram and its benefits. If social media is not a strong suit for you, consider hiring a professional social media specialist to help you. It could pay off in the long run.

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