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Holiday Season Planning;6 Tips To Prepare For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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Yes, you read that right! It’s almost time for the Holiday season!! It came so quickly this year. If you haven’t started preparing for the season, nows is the time to start! The holiday season is so busy in salons, and if you are not ready, things can get overwhelming and out of hand very quickly. Organization and preparedness will allow you to be prepared and stress-free. Follow these holiday season planning tips to get ready for the season and crush some holiday hair!

Plan Promotions

The holiday season is a great time to run promotions to bring in new business. Now is the time to start planning your promotions and brainstorm unique promotion ideas to run. You can do holiday promotions with products, services, or even gift cards. There are so many ways you can work a promotion. Start thinking about it, so you won’t have to stress when the time comes.

Set Goals

End-of-the-year goals are a great way to motivate your staff, co-workers, and even yourself. If you are a salon owner designing a competition for a prize could incentives your team to reach their goals.  If you are an independent t hair professional, setting end-of-the-year goals for yourself is excellent also, and you can reward yourself with a prize! Goals can be for sales, services, or a combination of both!

Order Gift Sets

Beauty Products holiday season planning tipsGift sets are a hot item during the holidays. Having them on hand at your salon will allow your customers to buy gifts for their friends and family while getting their hair done. Everyone loves receiving salon product gift sets. Make sure to pre-order the sets you think your clients will want early, so you don’t miss out on the fantastic deals.

Stock Your Shelves

The holidays are commonly the busiest time of the year for salons and hair professionals. Everyone wants to look their best for their family events and holiday parties. Salon products should be prepared, stocked, and ready to go so that you don’t have to worry about missing something at the height of the holiday season. Get your back bar, product shelves, and the color bar stocked and ready to go as soon as you can!

Order Gift Cards

If you don’t keep gift cards stocked in your salon all year long, now is the time to get them in and ready to be sold. Gift cards are an amazon way to promote your business during the holiday season. Your clients may want to buy gift cards for their friends or family, which will bring in more clientele.

Get In The Holiday Spirit

The last, final, and most crucial step is to get in the holiday spirit. The holidays are a joyous time. While being a hair professional during the holidays can be stressful and overwhelming, staying positive and uplifting for your clients will allow everyone to enjoy their salon visit. Decorating your station or salon to reflect the holiday spirit will also make your clients feel joyous and put them in the holiday spirit!

The holidays are very stressful and busy for salons and hair professionals; that is why it is crucial to prepare! Being prepared and ready for the season’s rush will bring stress levels down and allow you to focus on the clients without stressing about the other things. Having everything prepared will make you feel at ease and ready to rock the season!

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