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Gifts for Hair Stylists; A Holiday Hairstylist Gift Guide For Your Favorite Stylist

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It’s the time of year where gift guides are essential for every particular person in your life. Your stylists are no different! We put together a gifts for hair stylists guide fit for any hairdresser!

A Cutting Shear For The Hairdresser In Your Life

Hairstylists’ most used and most essential tool is their cutting shears. Every hairstylist needs a good quality shear that can last them long. A shear that is reliable and made of quality materials is always the best way to go. A staple shear that works for almost every hairdresser is the HH6, better known as the “Kime” this shear cuts wet and dry hair. You cannot go wrong with gifting an HH6!

Hanzo Shears hh6 kime

Hair Stylists Favorite Carbon Hair Combs

Hairstylists go through combs very quickly. Combs have to be cleaned and sanitized after each use, and with the number of times a hairdresser uses combs, they can never have too many. The Hanzo carbon combs are a favorite amongst hairstylists and a great gift to give!

hanzo carbon comb 1 - barbers gift guide

A Texture Shear Fit For Any Hairdresser

Along with a straight shear, every hairdresser needs a texture shear that will pair perfectly. Texture shears blend, add texture, and provide more movement in the hair. The HH14T is a staple shear that every hairstylist should have and a great option to gift to your favorite hairdresser!

Left handed shear

Gift A Water Bottle To Keep Your Hairdresser Hydrated

We can all agree that hairstylists are essential! In order to keep our hairdresser healthy, hydration is critical! Stylists get dehydrated often because of the nature of their busy jobs! Give your hairdresser a fun Hanzo water bottle to help keep them hydrated while repping their favorite Hanzo Nation!

hanzo hydro water bottle gifts for hair stylists

Hanzo Razors Are Great Holiday Gifts For Hairdressers

Razors are another tool that is used often by hairstylists. The Razors add texture, bend, and remove weight throughout the hair. Stylists use razors often and go through blades quickly. Gift your stylists a razor with replacement blades to last them for the season!

hanzo razers foldable

Gifts Like Beauty Salon Software System Will Help Hairdressers Business Grow

The software is a massive game-changer for building a business and growing a brand in the salon world. Hair salon software allows stylists to keep organized and on top of their sales to help them capitalize on their current business and take it to another level. Salon software is a fantastic gift for your hairdresser; We recommend Tanto, Beauty Launchpad’s 2021 winner for best salon software. Tanto offers the best of the best for keeping your stylist organized.

Hanzo Swag Is a Great Hairdresser Gift

Hanzo shirts, hats, and accessories are great gifts for any stylist. We put a lot of effort into ensuring our swag is of excellent quality, well designed, and specifically made for hair professionals. Grab your hairdresser a shirt, hat, or maybe even a few stickers to rep their favorite brand!

Every Hairstylist Loves Education, Gifts Of Hair Stylist Education Are Priceless

Education is the heart of the salon world. Hairstylists thrive on education; it allows them to learn the newest trends and keep up with constant changes in the beauty world. Education is priceless to stylists and is a fantastic way to show appreciation for the stylist in your life. Fully Booked Chair is a business growth program that allows stylists to learn how to market their businesses and grow their business quickly. Fully Booked Chair will take your stylist to the next level in their business.

fully booked chair program for barbers

A Hanzo Hitter Is A Great Gift For Hairdressers

The Hanzo Hitter is a trimmer that we designed specifically for hair professionals. The trimmer is cordless and has extensive battery life. It comes with a modified blade so that each time it’s used; it cuts perfectly and close to the skin. The Hanzo Trimmer also comes with a stand, which Your stylist can display beautifully on their station.

the hanzo hitter trimmer as gift

Other Great Gifts For A Hairdresser

Every Hairdresser Would Love A Gift Card To A Shoe Store

Because stylists spend most of their days on their feet, comfortable shoes are a must. Stylists have to spend a lot of money on shoes to ensure they are fashionable and comfortable all day. Hairdressers will much appreciate a shoe store gift card!

gift card to shoe store idea for hairstylists

As A Hairdresser Back Pain Is Very Common, A Credit For A Massage

Another thing that comes with being on your feet all day is back pain. It is so common to have back pain as a hair professional. Give your stylist the gift of a massage this season to put a smile on their face!

back massage credit for hairdressers

You really can’t go wrong with any of these gifts. It is so nice to show appreciation to the stylist that takes care of your hair needs. Happy Holidays and Happy gifting season!

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