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blending shears - how to use them like a pro
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How To Use Blending Shears – Top Hairdressers Share Their Advice

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Learn How To Use Blending Shears Like A Pro

Blending shears are a vital tool for hairstylists and a valuable addition to all professional hairstyling kits. Not only can they add texture and depth to specific sections of hair but also be used for an entire haircut. With their unique design, they seamlessly blend different sections of hair together, creating a natural-looking finish. Some hairstylists even use them exclusively for haircuts. Mastering the technique of using blending shears takes practice, but the end results are truly rewarding. Learn how to use blending shears below.

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Blending shears vs Thinning shears

how to use blending scissors


The terms blending shears or thinning shears are often used interchangeably. While these two types of scissors may seem similar, they actually have their own unique strengths when it comes to cutting hair. Blending shears are the go-to tool for hairstylists who love to perfect the scissor over comb technique or create stunning bob haircuts. On the other hand, thinning shears are the ideal choice for creating texture and volume in hair.

The intent of using blending shears can be different for different hair stylists – some stylists just use it for removing volume while others might need it to create a layered cut.

Blending shears come in different types based on the number and spacing of teeth, as well as the blade design. Some have wide-spaced teeth, while others have teeth that are closer together. Additionally, blending shears can come with either straight blades or toothed blades.

Choosing the right blending shears depends on personal preference and desired style. Hairstylists can try different blade lengths to find what works best for them. Experimenting is the key to finding the perfect blending shears for your professional hairstyling needs!

What are the Applications of Blending Shears?


  1. Creating Contour – Professional blending shears have a blunt blade and one toothed blade. This makes them ideal for creating contour or adding texture without introducing any harsh lines.
  2. Softening Lines – One of the best things about blending shears is that they can be used to create lines that are clean yet amazingly soft. The hairstylists can change the angle of the comb, blade and finger for creating a wide array of designs, as per client’s needs.
  3. Create Texture or Add Weight – Many hairstylists use blending shears to create texture, ease transitions and add weights to certain parts of the cut.
  4. Create Movement – If you are looking to create movement and direction without reducing length, blending shears is the perfect tool.

How to Use Blending Shears Properly?

how to use blending shears

Blending shears are a simple tool that require careful practice for achieving the desired look without damaging the hair. For properly using the blending shears, we can start by carefully sectioning the hair that we want to blend. Once sectioned, the next step is to hold the section with finger/comb and position the blenders perpendicularly to the hair. The correct technique is to begin cutting by opening and closing the shear while moving along the length of the hair.

  • For Textured Look – If you are aiming for more texture, cut into hair at an angle or in a zigzag pattern.
  • For Blended Look – If you are aiming for a more blended look, cut diagonally across the hair section.

How to use Blending Shears on Short Hair?

To use blending shears on short hair requires a slightly different technique. We start with sectioning hair that you want to blend. Hold these short hair between fingers and comb, positioning the comb in a parallel manner. If you are aiming for a more textured look, keep the blenders at an angle. If you are aiming to create a more blended look, simply cut the hair at an angle or in a zigzag manner. While dealing with short hair, the hairstylists need to always stay mindful of how much hair they are cutting with each pass to prevent over-blending or creating choppy, uneven layers.

How to blend the top and sides of hair with scissors?

Blending the top and sides involves creating a smooth transition between different hair lengths. Follow the 5 steps to perfectly blend the top and sides –

  • Section the hair – Start by sectioning the hair into top and side sections. Clips can be used to hold the hair firmly in place.
  • Cut the top section – Start by cutting the top hair to desired length. Point cutting techniques can be used for creating texture.
  • Cut the side section – The top hair length will serve as a guide for cutting the side sections. You can use scissor-over-comb technique with a blending shear. As you cut, comb the hair outwards from the hair and use blenders to cut hair extending past the comb.
  • Check for Balance – One top and side sections are complete, check for balance. If any areas require additional blending, remove the noticeable lines.
  • Refine – Refine the cut using point cutting and blend remaining areas as required.

Popular Techniques with Blending Shears

Here are three of the most popular techniques with blending shears:

Blending Shears Slicing Technique

Professional hairstylists use this technique for clients with really thick or coarse hair. The idea is to extract the extra weight. For this technique, take a vertical section and elevate it horizontally. Use the blender at an angle, slide out and release.

Blending Shear Backstroke Technique

Hairstylists can use this technique for clients that like to keep hair long in the front but complain that the hair is falling in the face. This technique is best suited to control the length in the face frame area. Just take a diagonal forward slice, place the blunt side of the blender on the diagonal. Now follow the pattern – Open, close, backstroke.

Cutting Length With Your Blending Shear

To cut length using blending shears, take a small section of hair that you are looking to blend. Hold the blending shears vertically and insert it about 2 inches from the scalp. Gently close the shear to about ½ if the hair in the section. Repeat the process through the section and ensure that you blend hair evenly. The amount of hair cut on each snip can be varied depending on the level of blending you want to achieve.

What Do Top Hairstylists Say About Blending Shears?

nick stenson blending hair with clippers


When using blending shears, always make sure that you are cutting at an angle to create a soft, natural-looking blend. Hold the shears at a slight angle and cut the hair in a diagonal direction to achieve a beautiful, textured finish.” – Nick Stenson, Artistic Director for Matrix


vivienne mackinder how to blend top and sides of hair with scissors

It’s important to use blending shears on dry hair to avoid over-cutting and creating a choppy look. Start by sectioning the hair and cutting small pieces at a time, making sure to blend the hair in stages to create a seamless transition between different lengths.” – Vivienne Mackinder, Global Artistic Director for Joico

tracy hughes blending hair with scissors

Blending shears are a great tool for creating texture and movement in the hair. When using blending shears, be sure to hold the hair at a slight angle and cut in a diagonal direction to create a soft, natural-looking blend. Remember to use a light touch and make multiple cuts if necessary to achieve the desired result.” – Tracey Hughes, Founder of Tracey Hughes Education

Best Hanzo Blending Shears

HHVT1 Mamba Texturizer

how to blend hair with clippers


The HHVT1 Mamba Texturizer is made in high-carbon stainless steel and comes with countersunk locking tension control. The shear has a brushed handle and a screw-in bumper. There are 14 angled ⅛ inch teeth and the specific angle helps in sliding through the hair. This is the perfect blending tool for extensions. Additionally, it can be used as a point cutting replacement tool which can also be used for applying deeper texture to long hair (free shipping, lifetime warranty and 15 day refund policy).

HH40LT Mazeru

blending hair

The HH40LT Mazeru is a left handed 40-tooth blending shear which can remove 50% of weight. Perfect for scissor-over-comb technique, blending and fit for removing bulk volume. This shear features a permanent finger rest and screw-in-bumper (free shipping, lifetime warranty and 15 day refund policy).

Check out Hanzo’s Complete Blending Shear Range here

HHVT3 Mamba Texturizer

blender shears

The HHVT3 Mamba Texturizer is a 27-toothed softening tool made in premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel. It is the perfect tol to add slight visual texture and soften the overall look – a gentle texturizing scissor. Comes with a brushed handle, countersunk locking tension control, and screw-in bumper (free shipping, lifetime warranty and 15 day refund policy).

Hanzo has several other shear options to choose from. When you’ve learned how to use blending shears, give a try to any of the shears above, call or text 9167905291.

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