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Elevate Your Style: Mastering the Timeless Art of Side Part Haircut for Beginners

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When it comes to classic hairstyles, the side part remains an evergreen choice that exudes sophistication and timeless charm. Side part hairstyles have been around for quite some time for the element of timeless elegance. These hairstyles are easy to execute, looking perfect on people with oval, heart and diamond faces. In this guide, we will delve into the basics of cutting a side part and mastering the art to achieve the perfect side parting haircut.

Is a Side Part Haircut Still Relevant in 2024?

The beauty of a side part hairstyle lies in its versatility and adaptability to changing fashion trends. Despite the evolution of hairstyles over the years, the side part continues to stand the test of time. In 2024, it remains a relevant and stylish choice, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair. Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Megan Fox, and Halle Bailey are among the numerous top super models who opt for this particular hairstyle.

Master Giving Stunning Side Part Hairstyles – Step-by-Step Guide

Before diving into the intricate details, it’s crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of a side part haircut. This includes identifying face shapes, choosing the right tools, and understanding the basic technique behind creating a clean and defined part.

Step 1: Sectioning the Hair

Begin by sectioning the hair neatly. A precise parting is essential for a polished side part haircut. To keep the parted hair firmly in place, it is a good idea to use hair clips. These hairclips exert even pressure on the hair and ensure consistency. Some hairstylists use fingers to grip the hair but this technique is for the experienced professionals. 

Step 2: Choosing the Right Length

Tailor the length of the hair according to personal preference and style. There is no one-fit-all rule for figuring out the ideal hair length. Clients should go for a length that suits their personality while complementing their face type. Whether opting for a short, medium, or long side part, maintaining balance is key.

Utilizing Quality Tools

side parting haircut tools needed

Invest in high-quality scissors and a fine-toothed comb to ensure clean and precise cuts. Quality tools contribute significantly to achieving a professional-looking side part. For professional hairstylists looking for high quality hairstyling equipment, Hanzo has the best tools. For instance, a side part haircut requires a point cutting shear. 

Hanzo Kamikaze is the ideal tool for the job which comes in four sizes, ranging from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. These shears have excellent dry and wet cutting properties with amazing ergonomics. The Hanzo Kamikaze shears are ideal for channel cutting, slide cutting, and face-framing techniques. If the hair is voluminous, the Mamba Texturizer would be the perfect fit. Hanzo has a broad range of accessories, shears, and shear sets to choose from. Visit the Shear Set page for more information regarding Hanzo’s ideal shear pairings. 

Perfecting the Part

This is undoubtedly the most important step of the entire haircut. Pay close attention to the angle and placement of the part. A well-executed part sets the foundation for a flawless side part haircut.

Mastering Techniques for Different Hair Types

haircuts parted to the side

Straight Hair

Emphasize the sleekness of straight hair with a sharp and defined side part. Hairstylists can use styling products to enhance shine and maintain a polished appearance.

Curly Hair

Achieve a natural and effortless look by working with the natural texture of curly hair. Precision in parting is crucial to maintain structure and shape.

Wavy Hair

Enhance the waves by creating a soft side part that complements the natural flow of the hair. Texturizing techniques can add depth and dimension.

Styling the Side Part Haircut to Make It Look Attractive

Choosing the Right Products

Perfecting a side part without some sort of styling product is not possible. Selecting the appropriate styling products can elevate the attractiveness of a side part haircut. Consider using pomade, wax, or styling cream to add texture, hold, and shine. 

Experimenting with Variations

Explore different styling variations to keep the side part haircut fresh and dynamic. This could include slicked-back looks, textured finishes, or incorporating a fade for a modern twist.

Maintaining the Look

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the side part haircut looking sharp. Professional hair stylists should guide the clients to maintain their side part hair. Schedule timely trims to prevent the style from losing its precision and elegance.


In conclusion, mastering the art of cutting a side part and styling it to perfection requires attention to detail, understanding individual hair types, and embracing the timeless appeal of this classic haircut. With the right techniques and products, a side part remains a versatile and relevant choice in the ever-evolving world of hairstyling in 2024.

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