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Salon New Years Resolutions For Hair Stylists And Barbers

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it’s 2023 because we can’t! Time is flying by, but as always, a new year means a new fresh start! The new year is always filled with resolutions and things to stick by for the entire year. We put together a few Salon New Years’ resolutions just for our favorite salon and barbershop hair professionals! 

Schedule a Lunch Break For Yourself

In the busy salon schedule that hair professionals have, it is not uncommon to skip lunch, work all day without eating, and sometimes even forget to drink water!! While we all know time is money, your health comes first. This year schedule yourself an actual lunch break where you can sit down at the salon and have a meal. Once you pick a time, stick to it. Your body and mind will thank you for nourishing it! 

Enforce Your Salon Cancelation/Late Policies

We are all guilty of letting this slide, but 2023 is the year to hold yourself accountable and start enforcing your salon policies. The salon policies put in place are there for a reason, and if a client cant respect those salon policies, they will have to pay the price. Your time is valuable, and you do not deserve to be disrespected and taken advantage of. This year put your foot down and start enforcing your set salon policies. 

Invest In New Education

Quality salon education is the key to advancing your career as a hair professional. You can keep up with the news trends and methods by taking classes and training. Education should be a top priority for every salon or barbershop employee. Whether you want to get better at styling, cutting, or coloring, take a class to better yourself. This year set time aside to invest in yourself and your salon career! 

Plan A Vacation with PAID time off

Taking time off is essential to avoid burnout and exhaustion for hair salon employees. After that crazy salon holiday season, you are probably more than ready for a vacation. We don’t blame you! Salon and barbershop work is exhausting. This year schedule a break for YOU and make sure you get paid during that vacation, even if that means putting money away to save to pay yourself while you are away. Having a paid leave from the salon will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty!

Start Charging Your Worth

salon new years resolutions
Now, this is something that hairstylist and barbers cannot skip. As a hair professional, you are so incredibly essential and talented. You have to start charging your worth and not making emotional decisions to give discounts and free salon services. When you pick up your scissors to perform a haircut, the client should 100% be charged for that haircut. When you add toner to your client’s hair, you should add those fees. The same goes for styling hair; you add service if you are curling your client’s hair! Don’t be afraid to charge your worth. Not only will properly charging your clients make you more appear more confident, but it will make you more money in the end! 

Use your Social Media to gain New CUSTOMERS, not more followers.

Often on social media, users are inclined to gain a large following. As a hair professional, that’s not really where you should be focused. Your goal this year should be to use your social media presence to gain more clients in your chair. While gaining followers is great for exposure, ginning actual customers will bring you more money as a stylist. Focus on using your social media to interact with clients and get them to interact with you. 

Sell More Retail

Retail sales are often not high because the stylist or barber feels uncomfortable “pushing” products on their clients. Switch your focus on this topic in 2023. Look at it through another lens. Think of selling retail to your clients as helping them take better care of their hair because that’s what you are doing. Don’t focus on the sales but rather focus on the part where you are helping the clients. 

Start this new year out on the right foot. Better your business and yourself by taking matters into your own hands. Salons and barbershops are so essential. Write down your resolutions and make a vision board. There is something magical about writing down goals! Happy New Year and Cheers to 2023! 

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