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Educating Salon Clients; The Significance Of Educating Your Salon Clientele

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When it comes to styling, products, and all things hair, education is vital. Education is an essential part of the salon industry, and that does not stop behind the chair. Your client most likely has no idea how to style their hair, what products to use appropriately, or care for their hair. With the salon products on the market that claim to be suitable for your clients, it’s easy for them to fall into buying those products that claim to be something they are not. Educating salon clients from the core will allow them to understand the makeup of shampoos and other styling products. Styling hair is a whole different ball game. Styling can be confusing to clients, and they can often feel helpless at home. Taking the time to educate your salon clients on how to style their hair can go to great lengths!

Educating On Hair Care Products

Haircare products can be very deceiving. Most large companies market their products well and make them seem like they are the best hair care product on the market. With the knowledge a hair professional has about these products, you can tell what great products are and what are not. This information is something that you can share with your clients, don’t just tell them “those products are not good for your hair” explain why the products are not good and what they can use instead. Explaining in detail can help your client grasp the reasons why products are essential.


“I normally introduce my clients to the hair dryer and vent brush when it comes to styling. A lot of my clients don’t even think of using a hair dryer and brush to create volume or direction in which they want the hair to go. Products seal the deal and help hold that look you create or help separate the hair or show more visual texture. I use a matte paste or clay, texture spray, and hair dryer. I explain what I’m doing and how I achieve the look they asked for.” –Jason Owens

Educate The Client On Styling

Styling is tricky and not easy for clients. Often clients are not good with curling irons and blow dryers. Taking the time to educate the client on how to properly blow-dry their hair and curl it will make your clients feel much more confident at home when doing their hair. Each client will have a different style, so whether it’s teaching them how to style a pixie cut with a styling cream or doing a complete volume salon blowout, show your client step by step how to achieve the salon style at home, trust us they will appreciate it!


educating salon clients“Clients have never-ending access to information, some of it valuable and some of it absolute lies (egg whites and Mayo for deep conditioning? No thanks!). Clients don’t know any better than to believe influencers like Brad Mondo. It’s our job to educate them. Something that is really important and often overlooked is scheduling time to educate. My blow-drys are scheduled for 45 minutes. It doesn’t take that long, but I spend the time to teach them how to use a runs brush, or properly use a curling iron. While doing that, I break down every product- what’s for prepping a blow-dry, what gives hold versus shine, what should be used to finish. Once a client understands that we are selling them products built for THEIR desired style, they are more apt to buy. Stylists get caught up in making money on cuts and color, but retail is 100% profit. Three products purchased can range anywhere from $20 to $100 in pure profit, depending on the line. Sink that money back into your tools and education… and you’ll never be a starving artist. Above all, retail isn’t about selling, it’s about educating WHY your client will benefit from these products.” –Ashly Rose

Client Hair And Scalp Care Education

Scalp and Haircare are so crucial for healthy hair. As a hair professional, you know that hair health begins at the scalp. Clients may not understand the importance of caring for their scalp and hide from the inside out. That is why it is crucial to educate them on how to best care for their scalp and hair. Some clients will have suer dry scalps that need moisture, whereas others may have very oily scalps from overuse of certain products. Breaking that down for them and educating the client on why their scalp is the way it is and how they can fix it is essential.


“We have a blow-dry system at our salon that as soon as the blow dryer kicks in we have a memorized class that everyone teaches from the master hairdressers to the assistant that is a way to teach our clients how to reproduce what we do. The biggest thing is you have to be disciplined and consistent to teach it to every client always. We have made our name in the KC area for teaching blow dries and we have a 47% retail to service average.” –Ryan Teal

As a salon professional, providing education to your client is a bonus that will make you stand out above the rest. When delivering education to your client, there will always be some information you want to keep to yourself; at the end of the day, you still want your client to come to you for hair color, cuts, and other treatments. So teaching them how to do any of those specific skills might not be the best idea, but teaching them basic skills on how to get salon hair at home will be beneficial for both yourself and your client!

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