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Long Layer Cutting Tips From Hanzo’s Education Team

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Cutting, styling, and coloring hair are all forms of art. The beauty of creating art is that you will never find an original piece that looks the same. Another beautiful part of art is the creativity and different methods used to get a result. Hair techniques are endless, and every hair professional has various ways to get their results. Hair professionals can achieve long layers by using many different methods and skills. Our artists all have multiple forms to achieve their long layers. Here are some tips they would like to share with our readers

Presley Poe’s Tip

Presley Poe is an outstanding hair professional who has an extensive following on social media and industry. She has made a name for herself with her advanced and sophisticated application of vivid hair color. Her emphasis is on neo-traditional hair cutting techniques. Presley’s tip is this: “For long layers I use the shape of the head to create curvature and movement. Using the speed as personal round brush for volume.”

Cole Thompson’s Tip

Cole Thompson has been in the hair industry since 2000. Cole is the International Creative Director for Elevation H, the youngest creative director at Vidal Sassoon, and a Hanzo Artistic team member. Cole’s long layering tip for you is: “When cutting long layers use big (high) elevations for soft texture, to create more lift and volume also pair that with big over directions for more swing.”
– Lift creates lift
– Pull created Swing.

Ashley Rose’s Tip

Ashley Rose lives for hair and lives for creating that fire in other stylists, established and new to the industry- and everyone in between. She performs beautiful haircuts wherever she is; here is Ashley’s tip: “I like to cut long layers dry. I do it that way because it’s easier to see the natural hair fall and because you can visually see the layers forming, which helps to prevent a disconnect. In long hair (below shoulder blades), it’s SO important to maintain the integrity of the ends, which is why I never texturize them. I slide cut or point cut. Over texturizing can lead to the ends of layers looking dead or frayed, which necessitates a significant haircut. If long layers are cut well, they will always grow out beautifully.”

Take these tips and apply them behind the chair to improve your long-layer haircuts. If you want to learn from these amazing artists, you can book a class at your salon or barbershop or attend a local class in your area. The key to success in the hair industry is never to stop learning!

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