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how to measure scissors the right way
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How to Measure Shears – A Comprehensive Guide

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Learn how to measure scissors for the best experience while working

Scissors are a tool used daily by professional hairstylists yet most professionals do not know how to measure scissors properly. But let’s first address the important question – why does finger size matter? Because different lengths are used for different purposes.

how to measure scissors

Shorter shears between 4 to 5 inches are generally preferred for point cutting, feathering, and notching. Shears slightly longer than 5 inches are best for blunt cutting, slide cutting, scissor over comb technique. Scissors whose length is above 6 inches are best for layering, undercutting etc.

Measuring scissors is important in the following cases:

  1. Different lengths for different haircutting techniques
  2. Choosing replacement parts for damaged shears
  3. Picking the right size case

Get ready to measure your scissors like a pro! Our comprehensive guide on How to Measure Scissors is here to enlighten you about the different scissor parts and how to measure them accurately. We will learn about measuring blade length, handle length, and handle types. Not only that, but we’ll also provide you with a step-by-step guide on measuring each part, so you’ll never be left guessing. Whether you’re an amateur, rookie, or seasoned professional hairstylist, this article is tailored just for you. Get ready to measure with precision and rock those amazing cuts!

How to Measure Scissor Blade?

Are you wondering about how to measure a scissor blade? To measure the blade length of your professional hairstyling shears, use a tape measure. Place the tape measure at the base of one of the blades and stretch all the way to the screw holding the two pieces together. Remember that the blade length is from the tip of the blade to the screw and not to the total length of scissors.

How to Measure Scissor Handle Length?

tools to help measure scissorsLet’s suppose you are interested in measuring the handle length. Let’s start at the point where the blade meets the handle. From this point, measure straight to the end of the handle. If the shears have detachable tangs, they are not considered in the handle length but if the tangs or finger rests are fixed, they will be added in the measurement.

For measuring the size of finger holes, you will be needing a special device called the vernier caliper. This device can be used to measure the diameter of the circle formed by the finger hole. Fix the shear’s finger hole between the vernier caliper’s teeth and measure the diameter of the circle formed using the digital meter. Vernier calipers are only suitable for shears with rounded finger holes. As a general rule of thumb, longer shears are used for cutting through thicker hair, have texturizing properties while the shorter shears are more suitable for point cutting.

Some Common Misconceptions About Measuring Scissors

An important misconception to address is the measurement of scissor blades. Contrary to common belief, the length of the blade is not measured from the tip to the end of the handle. In practice, the measurement is taken from the blade’s tip to the start of the handle. This measurement, known as the cutting length, holds significant importance in selecting the appropriate shear for professional hairstyling purposes.

It is crucial to dispel the misconception that the length of the scissor blade is the sole determinant in choosing an ideal shear for hairstyling. In reality, several parameters come into play, such as shear length, blade length, the ratio between blade length and handle length, material, and handle type. Considering all these factors is important when selecting a professional hairstyling shear.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Measure Scissors like a Pro!

This section talks about how to measure scissors like a pro. We know that professional hairstyling shears come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right pair of scissors is the first step towards creating the desired hairstyle.

Following is a step by step guide on how to measure scissors:

Step 1: Determine the Blade Length

Take your scissors and get a tape measure. Now measure from the tip of the blade to the point where the blade meets the handle . This measurement will tell you the blade length. For a better estimate, use a flexible tape measure. Use the template below to fill out the details and keep records for the future.

Step 2: Measure the Scallop

Scallop is the curved part of the blade that follows the handle’s shape. If you are looking to measure the scallop, place your scissors on a flat surface with the handle opened slightly. Now use the ruler to measure the length from the tip of one blade to the lowest point of the scallop. Repeat the process for the other blade as well.

Step 3: Calculate the Total Length

how to measure hairdressing scissors

The total length is the length of the blade combined with the length of handle. To measure the total length, first measure the length of blade using the method mentioned above. In the second step, measure the length from the middle of the screw to the end of the handle.

Step 4: Record Your Measurements

scissor measuring chart

Professional hairstylists can record the measurements using the provided template. Maintaining a record of your shears can be immensely helpful when considering new purchases. By keeping track of your measurements, you’ll have valuable information at hand for future reference, ensuring that you select the perfect shears for your hairstyling needs.

How to Measure Scissors – FAQ

Why measure scissors?

Proper measurements ensure selecting the right size, preventing discomfort and poor performance. Also helpful in choosing the right shears for the right job.

How to measure scissors?

Measure blade length from tip to screw’s center, then from screw’s center to the handle’s exterior edge. Add both measurements for overall length.

Can I use a ruler?

Yes, a ruler or tape measure can be used. Press scissors against the ruler for accuracy.

Why is scissor size important?

Size affects cutting precision and effectiveness. Ill-fitting scissors hinder smooth cuts and desired results.

What if I can’t find scissor size?

Estimate by comparing to a ruler or measuring tape. Check manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional help.

Can I sharpen scissors?

Yes, sharpening can enhance performance. Follow proper technique, use suitable tools, and maintain cleanliness and lubrication.


This text provides a comprehensive guide on how to measure scissors accurately. It emphasizes the importance of measuring scissors for different haircutting techniques, choosing replacement parts, and selecting the right size case. The guide covers measuring the blade length, handle length, handle types, and finger hole size. It clarifies common misconceptions about measuring scissor blades and highlights the importance of considering multiple factors when choosing professional hairstyling shears.

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