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short hair with layers and curtain bangs
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How to Cut Short Hair with Curtain Bangs – Ultimate Guide

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Short hair with curtain bangs is a timeless and versatile hairstyle that continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts. Curtain bangs are popular for short hair because they add a stylish, face-framing element that enhances facial features without the commitment of a full fringe. Additionally, they offer versatility in styling, allowing for various looks from casual to sophisticated. This article talks about why short hair with curtain bangs is making waves, how to style it, and tips for maintaining the look. From face shape considerations to seasonal styling advice, this blog discusses everything you need to know about short hair with curtain bangs.

The Perfect Pair: Why Short Hair and Curtain Bangs Are Trending


curtain bangs with layersShort hair with curtain bangs is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. This combination dates back to the carefree styles of the 1970s but has been modernized for today’s fashion-forward individuals. The style’s appeal lies in its effortless chic and adaptability, fitting various aesthetics from classic elegance to edgy contemporary looks.

Celebrities and influencers are key drivers of this trend. Iconic figures like Alexa Chung and Dakota Johnson have showcased how curtain bangs can soften short hairstyles, adding a touch of glamor and sophistication. The style’s versatility makes it suitable for all ages and lifestyles, from busy professionals to creative artists.

Face Shapes and Curtain Bangs: Finding Your Best Look

maintaining curtain bangs

Understanding your face shape is crucial to making short hair with curtain bangs work for you. Curtain bangs are flattering on most face shapes, but customizing them can enhance their effect:

  • Oval Faces: Almost any variation works well. Consider a slightly longer bang for a balanced look.
  • Round Faces: Opt for longer, wispy bangs to elongate the face.
  • Square Faces: Soft, layered bangs can soften strong jawlines.
  • Heart Faces: Curtain bangs that start slightly above the eyebrows and taper down are ideal.

Tailoring the length and thickness of the bangs ensures they compliment your features perfectly.

Celebrity Inspiration: Iconic Short Hair with Curtain Bangs Looks

Let’s define our why first. Short hair with curtain bangs looks amazing. There are many celebrities who have embraced this stylish combo, providing ample inspiration. People often seek inspiration from celebrities and hairstylists get frequent requests for short hair with curtain bangs. Following are some of the well-known celebrities who rock this style everywhere they go: 

  1. Alexa Chung: Known for her effortless, tousled waves, she pairs her short hair with perfectly undone curtain bangs.
  2. Dakota Johnson: Often seen with sleek, straight bangs that frame her face beautifully.
  3. Zoë Kravitz: Adds an edgy twist with textured bangs and short, choppy layers.

Replicating these looks involves understanding their styling techniques and using the right products.

Cutting Curtain Bangs for Short Hair

medium short hair with curtain bangs

To cut short hair with curtain bangs professionally, begin by thoroughly consulting with your client to understand their desired look, taking into account their face shape and hair texture. Wash and towel-dry the hair to ensure it’s clean and manageable. Section the hair into manageable parts, isolating the bangs from the rest of the hair by creating a triangle section from the apex of the head to the desired width of the bangs.

Start with the curtain bangs by parting them in the middle. Using point-cutting shears, hold the shears vertically and cut into the ends of the hair. This technique softens the edges and prevents the bangs from looking too blunt. Begin by cutting the bangs slightly longer than the desired final length, angling the shears to create a gradual increase in length towards the temples, framing the face gracefully.

best shears for curtain bangs

Next, blend the bangs into the rest of the hair. For short hair, use texturizing shears to remove bulk and add movement, focusing on the ends and any areas that appear too heavy. This technique ensures a natural, feathered look that integrates the bangs with the shorter layers.

Employ slicing techniques for the rest of the hair. Hold a small section of hair, and using the point of your shears, slice into the hair at an angle, creating subtle layers. This adds volume and texture without drastically shortening the length. Pay special attention to the areas around the ears and the nape to maintain a balanced silhouette.

Throughout the haircut, continuously cross-check your work. Take small sections from both sides of the head and compare their lengths to ensure symmetry. Make adjustments as needed, refining the shape and ensuring a cohesive blend between the bangs and the rest of the hair.

Finish by blow-drying the hair, using a round brush to add volume and shape. Revisit the bangs, making any final adjustments with your point-cutting shears to perfect their shape and flow. The result should be a polished, professional look with soft, flowing curtain bangs that complement the short hairstyle.

Styling Tips and Trimming Schedule (Self-care)

short hair with curtain bangsHairstylists can give you an amazing bang cut but it requires some self-effort to keep bangs looking amazing. To keep your bangs looking like bands, opt for a sulfate-free shampoo  to maintain hair health. A leave-in conditioner can help keep bangs smooth and manageable. Avoid touching your bangs frequently to prevent oil build-up. Use a lightweight serum to combat frizz. Each season has its peculiar needs. For instance, the winter’s focus should be hydration to prevent dryness. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. For summers, you need to combat humidity with anti-frizz products and lightweight styling gels. Adjust your hair care routine with the changing weather to maintain your look’s freshness. Finally, opt for a natural, tousled look with minimal product for a laid-back style.

What Tools to Use for Perfect Short Hair with Curtain Bangs?


shear set best for curtain bangs hairstyleThere are plenty of tools available in the market however a cheap hairstyling shear or inferior quality comb would only result in hair damage. Professional hairstylists should opt for high-quality tools which require less maintenance and reduce finger fatigue. Hanzo has an ideal range of hairstyling shears – from point-cutting to texturizing. 

Hanzo has complete shear sets like the Swivel Set and the Kime Set. These are complete sets with both point cutting and texturizing shears. The Swivel Set comes with a HH6S Kime Swivel and HH340T Mazeru Swivel – both are amazing shears for a banging styling job!   

You can also view the complete shears collection offered by Hanzo.


Short hair with curtain bangs is a versatile, chic, and timeless hairstyle that offers endless styling possibilities. Whether you’re inspired by celebrities or looking for a fresh, new look, this guide provides all the information you need to rock this trend confidently. Experiment with different styles, colors, and accessories to make this look uniquely yours.

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