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Joel Sharp
Hattori Hanzo Shears

Hattori Hanzo Shears Artist Spotlight: Joel Sharp

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Joel’s Story

Joel Sharp is, for all intents and purposes, a renaissance man. In December of 2000, Joel enlisted in the United States Army as an infantryman. After a deployment to Kosovo and humanitarian efforts during Hurricane Katrina, he enrolled at Empire Beauty School. Joel graduated in 2007 and deployed again to Iraq, where he was wounded in combat in May of 2009. He returned home a few months later with no clientele and what seemed to be no future in the hair industry. Joel enrolled at Penn State University, where Joel played two seasons of lacrosse and one season of varsity baseball with an uncertain future ahead. He toured the country, presenting his biochemistry research to thousands in academia. A concentration Joel received his bachelor’s in, in 2014. He worked as an analytical chemist and an engineer for three years, but the hair world kept calling him back. His original love for beautifying those around him won out, and Joel decided to drop everything to pursue his dreams.

Whats He Up To Now?

Now, he works in a barbershop and caters to men and women alike. His perfectionist mindset drives him to create the best overall look for each client. He seeks to set himself apart from his peers with his passion for shear work and educating as many people as possible on tending styles, grooming tips, and the importance of all skill sets within a single cut. Joel has performed onstage and judged at numerous hair shows and expos, platformed at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, cut for Maestro’s Classic at the Philadelphia 76ers, published twice in Modern Salon and once in The Lineup Barber magazine, and cuts for numerous athletes in Reading, PA including the Reading Phillies, Reading Royals, and Reading Raptors.

Joel can take your men’s cutting to the next level, all while teaching with tact and class.

Joel’s Favorite Shears

The HH6


joel sharp favorite shears

hhvt1 joel sharp favorite shears

Joel loves the HH6, he says the shear is incredibly versatile. The workhorse of his kit. Joel feels that this shear does it all.

The HHVT1 Mamba Texturizer is another one of Joels favorite shears. Joel says that the VT1 is the life preserver. The VT1 blends and texturizes at the same time. It can smooth out most situations you may find yourself in.

What shear should every STYLIST have in their kit?


hhvt1 joel sharp favorite shears

What shear should every BARBER have in their kit?


hh40t recommended by joel sharp

Get To Know Joel Sharp

When did you open your shop and a what is a tip for hair professionals who are wanting to open a shop?

I opened December 10th 2019

The best advice I have is to find an accountant you trust and be strict with you budget

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career?

In person networking. Introducing myself, in person, to people in the industry. That lead to a lot of opportunities.

Who inspired you to join the hair industry?

My aunt Joanne Ferro

In your opinion, what is the hardest part of being a Hair Professional?

Educating clients on what works and does not. They tend to think they know best but don’t quite understand the fundamentals of hair.

What is your favorite part about being a Hanzo Educator?

The ability to help people progress that I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise.

What is your favorite service to do?

Love working internally for movement, depth, and body.

What is your least favorite service to do?

Shag styles. There are an almost infinite amount of ways to create shag looks. Sometimes the desired result can get lost through communication and/or interpretation.

What is something unique you teach in your Hanzo classes?

I like to speak on consistency, efficiency, and fundamentals.

What can our readers expect to learn most from you in a Hanzo class?

How to overcome real world situations the trip is up in the shop.

How long did it take you to become an educator in the industry and what was your breakthrough moment?

10 years. After meeting a few other educators at shows, they reached out after seeing my work online.

What advice do you have for hair professionals wanting to become educators in the industry?

Go out and introduce yourself to the brands you enjoy and want to work for. Also, support world both ways. If you aren’t invested in a company, why should they invest in you?

What advice do you have for hair professionals in general?

Talent will always be the first step. The better you are, the more opportunities. Education always. Don’t get stale.

Fun Q&A

What is your favorite dessert ?

Boston creme donut

If you were a pizza what toppings would you have?

Pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. Bc I’m meaty and round.

If you could travel to a different time, when would you choose?

Back to WW2 to fight the good fight. 

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