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Salon Education Classes: Which Classes Are Best for Your Staff

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In-salon education is a fantastic way to educate your staff while bonding together as co-workers. Bringing a class to your space allows the class to be more private and focused on your exact needs and wants. A fantastic thing about in-salon education is your staff won’t have to travel and sit in a room full of other hair professionals. Your team will be able to ask specific questions and have a more intimate learning experience. The best way to host in-salon education is by reaching out to your current tool manufacturers, hair color lines, and wet lines. You may be surprised to find that some companies offer free hair education. Hanzo Shears offers hair salon education all over the country. A significant factor in determining is what kind of education will be most beneficial to the staff at the hair salon is to observe your team to get a good idea of where they might be struggling or ready to learn more advanced education. You may decide that you want to host a few different classes to broaden the horizon for your staff.

Cutting Classes

Hair cut classes are great for either newer staff to the hair world or might be struggling in their hair cut skills. Another great reason to host haircut classes is to learn advanced skills and techniques. Skills that are not traditionally taught in school. Hair cut classes are a great way to freshen up basic techniques as well. Hanzo offers exceptional cutting classes that can cater to any specific needs of a salon or barbershop.

Color Classes

Schools teach hair coloring techniques at a basic level. Stylists can always amplify these skills. Hair Color classes are a great idea to explore different hair color applications.  The classes are also great for newly released hair color shades released. Hair color classes can help your staff learn new hair coloring methods and new trends in the hair color world.


Blonding is a significant moneymaker in today’s hair world. The amount of different blonding techniques seems endless. Blonding technique is much different than color technique. Blonding classes are a great way to help your staff earn more money and enhance their technique regarding hi-lights or balayage. Classes focused on blonding can be taken no matter what level of expertise your team has.

Updo Design

If you want to market your salon to more wedding vendors, it may be an excellent idea to host a class focused on style or updo design. Updo or styling classes can help your staff learn the latest bridal style trends. Bridal style is forever changing, so it is essential to keep up with trends. The designs for updos can be very intricate and advanced. The detail of the styles is why classes can help. Educators can break down the design and teach the team conquer it.


Business classes or social media focused classes are full of vital information to grow a business. Hosting one of these classes can empower your staff and educate them on building their books and growing their business. These types of classes are great for booth renters and even commission stylists. Business classes are something that can be a game-changer for hair professionals.

Tool Focused

Hosting classes to learn specific tools and best use them can help your staff feel more comfortable and confident with their tools. Shear-focused classes are a fantastic way to allow your team to learn about different kinds of shears and the purposes for those shears.  Texture shears have such a large variety of uses that are not necessarily commonly taught. Hanzo’s educators are masters with their texture shears and teach hair professionals all over the globe how to get the most out of the texture shear. Trimmer, Blowdry, clipper, and iron classes are also great for teaching your staff the ins and outs of their tools, how to care for them, and what to look for to prevent damage.

Extension Methods

Extensions are a huge moneymaker and can increase the overall revenue for the salon and the stylist. If your salon is not yet offering or certified in extensions, hosting an extension class is a great idea. Furthermore, if you already have extension services at the salon, it may be a good idea to get certified in a newer method of extensions that requires a shorter install time.

Men’s Focused Cutting

Men’s styles are constantly changing and evolving. Mastering a bald fade haircut is a big feat that requires practice and training. Men’s haircut classes are a great way to enhance your staff’s expertise in shortcuts using clippers or shear over comb methods. Hosting a class focused on a men’s cut is always a great way to build confidence in that area. Texture is a large part of men’s cutting. Learning how to add the perfect amount while maintaining hair length is just one of the many things you can learn from a men’s cutting class.

Classes are a fantastic way to bring your staff together to grow as a whole. Whether you focus on color, hair cut, or hair design. Hosting in-salon classes throughout the year can also bring awareness to your location to attract more stylists. Education is so vital to keep up with design trends and evolve with the hair industry. Hanzo offers an array of classes taught by the best educators in the world. Our education team comprises hair professionals who specialize in all different aspects of hair. From updo design to cutting a perfect bob. Check out our EDU page to learn more about hosting a class in your salon or attending a class near you.

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