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Precision Cutting Insight With Cole Thompson

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Precision haircutting is a technique that can be intimidating. Haircutting, in general, can be difficult, especially when a hair professional lacks the confidence and proper training. Precision haircutting is an art, and when done, correctly you can create a masterpiece. Cutting a perfectly straight line is not everyone’s cup of tea, but that is what makes him tick for Cole Thompon. Cole is an educator for Hanzo Shears and the owner of Elevation H, a training program for hair professionals. We sat down with Cole to bring our readers some insight into precision haircutting.

Go-to Shears When Cutting A Precision Haircut

Cole uses various shears; The HHV 4.5 loves this shear because of the size and blade design. The 4.5 is fantastic for getting into short, narrow areas of the head. He uses the HHV-4.5 for cutting around the ears, fringe work, or into the nape of the neck. The blade is very straight and cuts the most perfectly straight line every time.

How Important Are The Sharpness, Shapes, And Tension Of Shears When Cutting A Precision Haircut

The sharpness of the blade is critical because, with a dull shear, the hair can be pushed, resulting in an uneven line. Cole suggests that traditionally you would want a straight cutting blade, meaning something that doesn’t have a curve. The HHV of the new 88 shear line is perfect for precision cutting.

The Most Common Mistake When Performing Precision Haircuts

Cole’s number one mistake he sees is tension – meaning how tight you pull on the hair. The stronger you are when pulling the hair, the softer result. ACTION VS REACTION ALWAYS. If you do not pull tight, it will be a stronger result. Cole says, TRUST ME ON THIS.

Cole’s Number One Tip To Getting A Perfect Precision Haircut

We asked Cole what he feels is the best tip for precision haircutting, and he said, “consultation and clean sectioning.Remember how your section is how the hair moves every day.” Consultations are essential to have a good result for a haircut, and clean sections ensure a clean, even cut.

Other Tools Besides Shears That Are Essential For Conquering A Precision Haircut

In any haircut, there are several tools needed to complete the cut. Combs are necessary for any haircut, but Cole suggests using A small comb and small clips with precision cuts. Additionally, training and proper education are the keys to success with precision cutting.

Razors And Precision Haircuts

Razors usually give a softer look or a more textured look when used to perform a haircut. Cole says he does not use a razor for precision haircuts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Cole says that If he wants to be precise and have a soft result, he would the HH1 5.5. The HH1 is unbelievable for soft results. Additionally, the VT1 is a texturizer, but it’s so soft and versatile.

We Asked Cole, “If you could pick one shear to complete an entire precision haircut which shear would it be and why?”

“I really think the HH6 5.5 the reason for this is the blade has the smallest curve to the tip so you can cut the beautiful straight lines and can slide and point. I love the versatility.”

Styling Tips For Precision Haircuts

Styling haircuts are generally an essential step in the haircutting process; with precision haircuts, Cole suggests, Less is more. A proper precision cut is all about the cut. The cut is the style—product and a blow-dry help.

Should A Precision Haircut Be Cut Wet Or Dry?

Just like any other haircut, it depends on the desired result. Cole says If he wants it to be strong, heavy, or hard looking, he works wet. Whereas, If he wants it to be soft, loose, broken more layered, he constantly works dry.

Cole is an amazon educator and stylist. Cole teaches classes all over the world on many different techniques. If precision haircutting is an area that you don’t feel as confident in, click here to find a class taught by Cole near you.

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