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Top 5 Spring 2021 Hair Trends and How to Conquer Each Spring Haircut and Spring Hairstyles

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Spring 2021 is here, and it is coming with fresh new styles for the season. The hair industry constantly sees recent trends and old trends coming back from another chance in the spotlight. The fantastic thing about being a hairstylist is you get to see a fresh new perspective frequently and have the opportunity to make those new trendy styles happen for your clients. This spring, we are seeing some recent trends and modernized trends coming out. Bangs are majorly in, natural hair is the highlight of the season, and fresh new color is a great way to start a new season. These trends involve short hair, long hair, and hair in between.

The Seasonal Chops

This spring, we see many new fresh haircuts that are on-trend and stylish. There are lots of new cuts and old cuts making their comeback in a modern fashion. From mullets to pixie cuts.  Short hair cuts and long hair cuts. These haircuts are perfect for a fresh new springtime look.

Moden Day Mullet

There is no gentle way to discuss this, so here it is: the mullet hairstyle has come back in full force. The good news is that it’s been modernized and cute. This hair cut is achieved by defining the front pieces and trimming them shorter than the hair on the back of the head. This new modernized Mullet isn’t as short on the top as it used to be. It is now almost like a shag haircut but a little more defined and shorter. The modern-day mullet is a fresh and stylish trend that we will see a lot.

Beauty Is In The Bob

The bob is in! The most popular bob right now is a short one-length chin bob; it’s sleek and stylish. To achieve this bob, you will want to cut the hair at the same length all over the head to be symmetrical and polished. The other bobs that are in are an asymmetrical bob and a long bob or lob. The asymmetrical bob is achieved by cutting the hair at two different lengths on either side of the face and connecting those lengths at an angle. The lob is a longer bob, usually hitting right at the collar bone. The longer bob is super stylish and fun; it can be styled and cut into different styles and a versatile haircut.

Blunt One Length Haircut

Layers are out, and one length is in. A one-length haircut allows for more density throughout the hair. For a client that formerly had layers, this cut may require you to cut off a good amount of length to get all of the hair to fall at the same spot. The blunt one-length haircut is posh and clean. It can be a short cut or a longer cut, depending on your client’s desire. The goal with the one-length cut is thicker hair that lays at one length.

Bangs Bangs Bangs

Bangs are all the rage right now. When we were all in quarantine, many people got bored with their hair and cut bangs, which sometimes turned out terrible but also sometimes turned out to be super cute. Bangs have always been in style in different forms, but this year it seems like we are seeing them everywhere in all various forms.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the most popular bangs we are seeing. They are a modern-day 70’s bang that frames the face and allows for extra volume around the hairline. The curtain bangs are perfect for a client who wants a bang without the big chop. You can cut the front face-framing hair around chin length for a longer curtain bang and around cheekbone height for a shorter curtain bang.

Sort Blunt Bangs

Short blunt bangs are being seen a lot. These bangs are more of a bold look and are perfect for the client that wants to make a significant change to their hair and isn’t afraid of stepping outside the box. These bangs are usually one length and a thicker hair density to define the bang and make a statement.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a significant springtime trend; they are lightweight and delicate. Wispy bangs are best for someone who wants to try bangs in their hair but doesn’t want the commitment. You can achieve the wispy bang by taking a small section of hair, cutting it to bang length, and then adding texture to that section to make it lightweight and delicate.

The Colors Of The Season

Fresh new colors are here for spring, and we love them. There is something so refreshing about spring hair trends and colors. A big trend this spring is going to be both bold stances on hair color and a more natural lived-in look.

Colorful Money Pieces

We can thank the popular app tik tok for this hair trend. It is a cute hair trend that anyone can pull off. You can use this color trend with any color of your client’s choice; you will need to lighten the pieces of hair around the face and then deposit the color of your choice into those pieces, its a bold hair statement but easy to achieve and modify.


This trend has been around for a while now, but it’s not going anywhere. Balayage is a technique that leaves the hair looking effortless and natural. The great thing about balayage is it can be achieved with any color of hair using the appropriate complementing colors and technique. Balayage is a lived-in hair look that is perfect for your clients that want a low-maintenance look that still stands out.


Bronde is a dirty blonde hair color with pops of lighter blonde throughout. While we went through a time where the platinum blonde was all the rage, going a bit darker is in and everywhere. You would think that your clients want to go blonder with their hair to get ready for summer in the spring, but this is a great spring color to break up the season between winter and summer.

Hairstyles That Scream Spring

We are seeing many fresh new hairstyles this spring that encourage more of a natural hair look and embarrassing natural beauty. With all of the artificial things surrounding the beauty industry, these fresh spring hairstyles are a breath of fresh air!

Heatless Texture

Heatless texture and embracing the hair’s natural state is something that is being seen and embarrassed. There is something so beautiful about natural hair texture if it is styled right. The best way to achieve this style is by using the right products; finding a good texture product is a key to making the hair look amazing in its natural state. The spring and summer is the perfect time to embrace natural hair due to the temperatures rising.

Middle Part

News on the street is that side parts and skinny jeans are out! While most people are still going to rock their side parts and skinny jeans despite what the younger generation is telling us, many people will embrace the middle part and make it happen. The middle part can be hard to pull off if the hair is improperly styled. The middle part looks amazing with sleek straight hair; it looks excellent pulled back into a low ponytail, and it looks glamorous with lots of volume and curls. The middle part is making a strong statement and will everywhere this spring.

Hair Accessories

Hair clips, hairpins, and scrunchies are a huge spring 2021 trend. We are going to be seeing them more than ever this season. If you go into any store, you will see hair accessories on display and flying off the shelves. It’s an excellent idea for a hairstylist to have a small stockpile of hair accessories for your clients to purchase or even give to them with a color service. Clients may not feel confident styling their hair with the accessories, so showing them how it looks best will help their confidence and help them rock their new hair!

Soft Curls

Soft natural curls are going to be a big hair trend this spring. We are seeing a shift from the more detailed curls to a blushed out soft natural curl. A great blowout and larger curling iron barrel is the best way to achieve the big soft curls that are on trend this spring.

Lived in Curls

Much like the heatless texture trend, lived-in hair is a look that is being embarrassed this spring. These curls are achieved using a wand or curling iron to create more defined curls and then add some texture spray to make them look lived in and natural.

Spring 2021 has refreshing and beautiful trends that are a perfect mix of natural and bold. These trends are going to been seen all over the world and in different varieties. We are excited to see the creations from talented hairstylists all over the USA and world.

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