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Hand-tied Extensions; Learn The Tools Needed for the Perfect Extension Installation

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Hand-tied extensions are becoming more and more popular. The installation for hand-tied extension wefts is complicated, but stylists can quickly learn when taking the correct steps, and the education is there. There are a few tools that a stylist will need to use to install the hand-tied extensions properly. A large part of making hand-tied extensions look good is the cutting techniques and blending techniques. These tools below are critical for a tremendous hand-tied extension installation. 

How to do hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are an advanced installation technique that is complex and difficult to do unless appropriately trained. Hand-tied extensions are a significant trend right now, so getting training can help you make more money and enhance your skillset. The extension wefts get installed in rows. Depending on the client’s desire, it makes takes a full pack or half pack of hair. If you are unsure how to do hand-tied extensions correctly, taking a class is the best way to install the hand-tied extensions correctly.

How to care for hand-tied extensions?

Caring for hand-tied extensions is no different than caring for any other form of extensions. Making sure the client is using the right products like shampoo and conditioner and frequently brushing is essential. It is imperative to maintain hydration in hand-tied extensions. Make sure to use a leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, and hair oil. Apply these products to the ends of the hair and avoid the root area. The hand-tied extension wefts can be styled like regular hair with curling irons, flat irons, etc., as long as the weft of hair is human and not synthetic. 

How long do hand-tied hair extensions last?

For the best outcome, it is best to move up the extensions every eight weeks, which will also depend on the hair’s natural growth and the client’s care for the extensions. The hair can be re-used for 4-6 months, also depending on the care of the extensions. Moving the hair extensions up will ensure that the natural hair is not damaged and matted. 

How to remove hand-tied extensions?

Removing hand-tied hair extensions is relatively simple. Along with learning how to install, it is always best to take a class where they will teach you how to remove the extensions correctly. Removing hand-tied extensions is fast and can be done using just a clamp and hairbrush. The beads used to install the extensions will need to be opened and then removed from the weft of hair.



Excellent Education

Education is always a big part of the expertise and proper skillsets for anything in the hair industry. When it comes to extensions, installation education is a must. Bad installation by the stylist can do significant damage to clients’ hair. It is crucial to take a class and adequately learn how to install the hand-tied extensions. When you take a class or get certified, The certification will verify your extension installation skills. Educate yourself before just trying to do this on your own 

Quality Hair

The quality of the hair weft used in any extension installation is essential, but even more so for hand-tied extensions. Also, the hair weft used to install extensions should be high-quality hair from a reputable vendor. Not only will high-quality hair wefts look better, but they will last much longer. The higher the quality of hair weft, the better. 

Hanzo Shears

Cutting shears are essential to cut the extension hair to blend with the client’s natural hair. The best kind of shears to use with extensions is high carbon Japanese steel shears like Hanzo Shears. Hair carbon shears are perfect for extensions because they can easily handle the thicker cuticle and cut through the extensions. The HH1 Kamakazie is the ideal shear for cutting extensions.

Hanzo Blending Shears

Thinning shears or texture shears are a must for extensions. When installing extensions, they often look blunt and not blended. Texture or blending shears are great for creating a seamless haircut and making the extensions look like the client’s natural hair. The HH9t along with the HHVT1 are game-changers when it comes to extensions.


The beads to secure the yarn and extensions is necessary for a hand-tied extension installation. Beads come in a variety of colors to match clients’ hair. It is best to have all the colors on hand to ensure a perfect match for any client. Stylists can purchase these beads at a beauty supply store or directly through your extension vendor. 


A needle-nose clamp is necessary to secure the beads to the hair. When the extensions are ready to be removed or moved up, The stylist will also use the clamp. Stylists can also purchase the clamp at either a beauty supply store or the hair extension vendor that they choose to give their business.

Hair Clips

Clips to secure and section hair are a must when doing extensions. Clean sections are a key to seamless hair extension installations. Alligator clips are a great option to keep hair up off of the section. Most stylists have clips already and can use their existing clips for extension insulation, but stylists can purchase clips at any beauty supply store or beauty vendor if needed. 


The yarn needed to secure the extensions are required to install hand-tied hair extensions correctly. Like the beads, the yarn comes in various colors to match the client’s hair. The cord needed can be purchased from your extension supplier or your local beauty store. 


hand-tied extensions toolsHaving a variety of combs while installing extensions is beneficial. A tail comb is excellent for clean sectioning and parting. Stylists will need a cutting comb to comb and cut the extension hair correctly. The hairstylist can use a hair stylist’s existing combs to perform all these actions. If new combs are needed, any beauty supplier should be able to provide them to the stylist. 

Extension Brush

These brushes are great for brushing out the extension hair and brushing hair after installing the extensions. Extension brushes, designed with all aspects of the extensions in mind, are manufactured to work well with extension hair and 

Hand-tied extensions are beautiful, and with these tools, you will be able to install them with ease. The tools and hair extensions you use should be of good quality to ensure excellent insulation and a more extended period of wear time. Hair extensions can bring in a massive amount of money and increase your income significantly. The education absorbed is a vital part of extension success; start with an excellent education, use high quilty tools, and your client’s hair will look perfect! 

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