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Cutting Hair Extensions: This Trio of Shears Achieves Amazing Results For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been popular for decades, but they seem to be hot right now. Extensions are a perfect way to add length, change up a style, or even color hair without harsh chemicals. Extensions are beautiful, but when they are not cut or appropriately blended, they stand out and don’t look natural. The key to flawless hair extensions comes down to the haircut and color match. When cutting extensions, having the right tools on hand is vital for success and a beautiful result. Extensions would work best with high carbon hair shears. Haigh carbon shears will cut through the hair effortlessly and leave the hair looking finished at the ends. Below you will find the three shears that make up the perfect trio for extensions, along with some bonus tips and questions.

Here Are The Most Common Questions On Hair Extensions And Cutting Extensions

How To Cut Hair Extensions?

Cutting hair extensions is no different than your regular haircut. The difference is the added hair. When cutting extensions, it is best to install the extensions before cutting them. The extensions may be way longer than the client’s hair, but installing them first before cutting them will allow you to see where they lay and how to cut them. After you install the extensions, you will cut the client’s hair to whatever style they desire.

Can I Get Hair Extensions With A Pixie Cut?

Sure! Extensions come in many different install methods and can be camouflaged really well if cut and blended correctly. Now, if you have super short hair, you won’t get super long hair if you want the hair to look natural. People with Pixie cuts can get extensions, and they can look great!

Can You Cut Halo Hair Extensions?

Hair professionals can cut halo extensions! The best way to get good results is to put the extensions in the lead and then perform the cut to blend with the client’s natural hair length. When cutting extensions, less is more, so it’s best to start small and eventually cut more if needed. Extensions are expensive, so cutting them too short may result in a miserable customer!

How To Cut Hair Extensions To Look Natural?

The key to natural-looking extensions is blending. The blending is where the HH9T will come in handy to blend the hair to look natural. Extensions can look natural and seamless with the right haircut. Layers are a great way to make the hair blend together and look natural.

Extensions are a great addition to any haircut and can allow more volume and length if the client is unhappy with their natural hair. A perfect extension cut will essentially come down to the tools that the hair professional uses. The HH1, VT1, and 9T are the ideal trio to conquer any extension hair cut!

Catherine Delahanty

Catherine Delahanty

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