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6 Best Hanzo Shears
Hattori Hanzo Shears

Invest In The Best Shears On The Market; The Perfect Shear Kit For Any Stylist

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As a hairstylist having an array of shears in your kit will make you invincible. You will be able to execute any haircut with this kit of shears. Remember, when you invest in tools, you are investing in your business and success. The tools in your hairstylist kit can and will make a big difference in your career and abilities to conquer anything thrown your way. All of our shears should serve a different purpose to ensure a clean and precise haircut. These six shears make up the perfect tool kit for any stylist!

The Best Shear For Everyday Use

Let’s start with the workhorse shear every hairstylist needs. Your workhorse shear will be a shear you will be using every day for most of your haircuts. For your most used shear, you will want something that is not only comfortable in your hand but also made of quality material that will last you a long time and stay sharp. The absolute best shear you can add to your kit for this purpose is the HH6-6.0 this shear has a high tang for comfort and control. The blade on this shear is thicker than most to enable smooth and precise cuts.

The Shears You Need For Wet Cutting

A shear designed explicitly for a hairdresser that performs wet cutting is essential because of its unique design to cut through wet hair. When picking a wet cutting shear, you should look for the design and makeup of the shear. The HH8 is especially for cutting through wet hair while keeping a clean cut. This shear is lightweight and perfectly balanced. This shears ergonomic handle is designed to prevent carpal tunnel and hand fatigue.

The Best Detail Shear For Your Kit

When working around your client’s face and in small intricate areas, it is best to have full control over your shear. A shorter blade will allow you to have complete control over what you are cutting. No client wants their hairstylist to come at their face with a 7inch shear. When creating detail, the HHV-4.5 is an absolute must. This shear is made up of high-quality metal and has a fine point blade for the stylists’ best control and detail.

A Texturizing Shear Every Salon Stylist Needs In Their Kit

A texture shear is a staple every hairstylist needs to have in their kits. Having the best texture shear will make your life so much easier and your haircuts even more beautiful. There are plenty of texture shears on the market, but the HHVT1 is the perfect texture shear ever created. This shear adds the ideal amount of texture to any haircut without leaving lines and holes. Often, a stylist is afraid of using a texture shear; if that’s you, then this is the shear for you! It’s the perfect texture shear for your kit.

The Best Shears For Blending All Visible Lines

Texture shears and blending shears may look similar, but they serve entirely different purposes. Bending shears are another staple that every stylist should have in their kits. When looking at multi-tooth shears, be sure to look at the number of teeth in each shear. The more teeth in the shear, the less hair will come out. The HH14T is the best blending shear for any lines in your hair cuts. This shear is like magic. It slides right through hair and leaves any haircut perfect.

A Shear to Finish Off Any Haircut Perfectly For Your Kit

The HH1 is a shear that will assist you in finishing off any haircut perfectly. This shear is the most perfect slide cutting shear you can get your hands on. This shear can add softness and detail to any haircut to finish it off beautifully. This shear is almost like a paintbrush; It can help you create the best dimension into the hair. The blades on this shear are concave, allowing hair to fall into the blade. The HH1 is a one of a kind shear that every stylist should have in their kits.

Best Bonus Shears That Any Salon Stylist Can Benefit From

If these six shears aren’t enough for your collection and you want to add more on Our newest released shear, the HH88 is our most versatile sheer, perfect for any hairstylist. The HH88 has a double tang allowing it to be flipped around and used at any position or angle. The blades on the 88 are very pointy for detailing. The shear is an all in one excellent staple tool for a stylist to add to their kit!

Written By: Catie Delahanty

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