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Talking Texturizer Shears With Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo Shears

Talking Texturizer Shears With Hattori Hanzo: How To Use Your Hattori Hanzo Texturizers

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What is the difference between all the texturizers we offer?

Talking Texturizer Shears With Hattori Hanzo Image 1

Here at Hattori Hanzo Shears we offer a wide variety of texturizing shears. There are many differences in the shears, but the most obvious difference is the amount of teeth in each shear. The amount of teeth in the shear is going to tell you how much weight will be taken out of the hair. The more teeth the shear has, the less weight will be taken out.

The other difference in our texture shears is the metal formulation. Every single one of our texturizers are built to our exacting specifications for the work that you do. Our cobalt and molybdenum line of shears form our “tried-and-true” workhorse kits for regular everyday cutting. Cobalt and molybdenum texturizers like the HH13T Hanashi Aru (affectionately known as “The Eraser” for its fabled ability to erase lines and remove 55% of hair per pass) and the HH14T Shimatta (which features a slightly lesser reduction of hair per pass at 45%) pair up perfectly with the HH40T Mazeru (40% reduction) to form the basis of a complete texturizer set for any barber or stylist.

Talking Texturizer Shears With Hattori Hanzo

Working on a lot of dry hair? You’ll want to step up to something a little bit more premium in terms of metal content. Our high-carbon texturizers are going to perform at the highest standard and last you a lifetime. Shears like the Mamba VT series of texturizers feature similar tooth counts and hair reduction, but are formulated with high-carbon steel to stand up to the more stringent demands of dry hair.

The handles of the texturizers might also stand out to you. We know that everyone has a different preference of handle, that is why we offer an array of different handle options for you. Are you a lefty cutter? Do you prefer swivels? We truly have a texturizer for everyone.

Which Hattori Hanzo shear is better for texture vs. blending?


We like to look at our texturizing shears in two different categories. Our texturizers with closer set teeth are great for blending and softening. Texturizers in this category typically range from 26 to 40 teeth. The texturizers with reduced count, wider set teeth are great for adding in texture and movement to your hair cut. This is the reason it’s great to have a variety of shears in your tool kit. They all serve a different purpose and perform quite differently.


Our most popular texturizer is our HHVT1 Mamba Texturizer. This shear is a tool that you can’t go wrong with, because it performs like no other. The HHVT1 will help you create beautiful movement and add visible texture into your haircut. Another very popular shear is our HH40T Mazeru. This shear will blur and soften any lines in your haircut. We like to call it the king of blending shears! It will make any of your haircuts look perfect with those finishing touches. Whether you are looking to blend or add texture–we have a shear for you!

When and how to use your texturizer?

Talking Texturizer Shears With Hattori Hanzo

Texturizers can look scary and some stylists will do anything to NOT have to use them, but they are a staple tool that you should feel confident and comfortable using. The best way to feel confident in your tools and skills is by taking a class and practicing. You can use a texture shear in any haircut and even for things you wouldn’t think of! Ever try point cutting with a texturizer? It’s totally doable with Hanzo texturizers.

The best time to use your texture shear is when you are wanting to soften a haircut, or when you’re wanting to add movement and texture into the hair. This will determine which texturizer you’ll want to use. If you’re creating a long layered haircut a texture shear with closer set teeth will allow the layers to blend perfectly. Another great time to pick up your texture shear is when you are doing a men’s haircut and want to add some texture into the hair. This would be a great time to use a wider tooth texture shear.

Talking Texturizer Shears With Hattori Hanzo

Another one of our favorite ways to use a texturizer is to cut wispy bangs. By using our HH9T Kasumi to cut the fringe you will get a perfectly wispy bang that your client will love! The HH9T is famous for its ability to work with extensions, too. There are so many different creative ways to use a texture shear. If you have never used a texture shear before, start small and get comfortable on a mannequin head to build your confidence and comfort level.

We understand texture shears can be confusing and look complicated. We are here to educate you and make you feel as confident as possible behind the chair. Hanzo offers the highest standard of education in the industry. If you are trying to get more comfortable with your texture shears, just take one of our classes!  Working with one of our Hattori Hanzo Shears National Educators in a class will help you better understand when and how to use your shears. It’s also THE perfect occasion to custom fit you for the perfect texture shear to add to your collection. Come to one of our classes and you’ll discover we truly DO have a texture shear that’s right for everyone.

Article by Catie Delahanty

Edited by Torrey Loomis

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