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how to cut hair around the ears with clippers
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How To Cut Hair Around Ears In Simple Steps

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Learn to cut hair around ears in this easy to understand guide

It does not matter what your preferred haircutting technique is or what tools you are using, to be a professional hairstylist, you need to know how to cut hair around the ears confidently. Cutting hair around the ears can be a tricky job and the hairstylists must be cautious while dealing with this particular section. This article will teach you how to trim hair around ears. You will learn a few excellent techniques that work in all situations, regardless of which tool you are using.

When do we need to train hair around ears?

The hairstylist might recommend the client to cut hair around ears or the client might request so when the hair drops over the ears causing irritation.

Quick Guide – How to Cut Hair Around Ears Step by Step.

The first step is to have the right tools for the job. While cutting hair around ears, point-cutting, slide-cutting and blunt cutting are the preferred techniques. The choice of exact technique will depend on two main factors: (1) the type of haircut and (2) texture of the client’s hair.

When cutting hair around the ears, the goal should be to cut in a manner that the hair falls behind the ear or hangs just above the ear. The length of hair should be such that it does not cause any discomfort to the client. Hair sometimes gets stuck in the ear while you cut hair around ears – cleaning as you go is a good way to prevent client’s discomfort.

Start with grabbing your comb and catch a length of hair between your fingers. If you are attempting to reduce volume, go for a texturizing shear and if the client desires a cleaner, sculpted look, use a cutting shear or an electronic clipper. While using a texturizing shear, pull the comb down in a swift motion and select the length of hair where you want to cut. It is recommended for professional hairstylists to ask the clients their optimal length before trimming hair around ears.

When you attempt to cut behind your ears, use a good quality comb to fold down the ear. This will prevent the ears from getting caught between the shear blades. Always cut on the backside of the comb and try using a longer shear – preferably a 5.5 to 6.5 inch. Professional hairstylists might prefer swivel or double-swivel options which have enhanced ergonomics.

How to cut hair around ears while point cutting?

Sometimes the hair is too heavy which causes an uncomfortable tickling. To solve this problem, a technique called point cutting can be utilized to trim hair around ears. Once the hair has been cut to the proper length, gently pull on the hair using the forefinger and the middle finger. Now the way it works is simple: snip the weight from the hair by quickly snapping using the scissor tips. Keep the scissor tip at an angle while point cutting. This technique works for both dry and wet cutting. If you practice this technique, you can definitely achieve some texture.

How to use hair clippers when trimming side hair?

Professional hair stylists may prefer to use hair clippers when trimming side hair or cutting behind hair. These concerns can be easily addressed by using hair clippers. Professional hairstylists using clippers have two options: either use a comb or use a guard. Using the comb’s wide teeth, determine the amount of hair you want to cut and trim using shears.

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How to use hair clippers with guards when trimming side hair?

If the comb technique does not work for you as you trim hair around ears, use the guards with clippers. Clipper guards have numbers on them running from one to eight. Smaller number guards (one to four) cut closely to the skin whereas higher number guards keep hair longer. Pick the guard which complements the hairstyle you are going for. If you are not sure about the guard number, start with a large number and gradually make your way to lower numbers.

What hairstyles demand haircut around the ears?

A lot of hairstyles require hair to be cut behind ear or trimming side hair. Following are some cool hairstyles to try in 2023 which require haircut around ears:

The Blow Out Haircut

cutting hair around the ears

If you are a professional hairstylist doing a lot of blow out haircuts, knowing how to cut hair around ears is essential. Blow outs expose the ears and sideburns while looking cool only when the ears are done right.

The Bowl Cut

how to cut ladies hair around ears

A clean trim around the ears can even make a bowl cut look classy. Go for a perfect curve around each ear and to modernize the bowl cut.

The Buzz Cut

cutting hair around ears with scissors

A Buzz Cut will only look clean if the ears are done right. We recommend using the Hanzo Hitter for cutting hair around the ears.

The Caesar Cut

how to cut hair around ears

Caesar cut is similar to a buzz cut, just more symmetrical. A clean cut behind the ear will make this haircut stand out.

Summary of Cutting Hair Around Ears Table

cutting hair around ears summary

Hairstyling Products for Cut Behind the Ear

The Hanzo Hitter

how to cut hair around ears with clippersProfessional hairstylists can not avoid cutting hair around the ears and having the right tools is a must. The Hanzo Hitter is a powerful electric shaving tool that comes with two high quality Japanese steel blades, and has supercharged rotary motors that cut through all hair types without any difficulty. These shears can be operated continuously for 240 minutes and get fully charged under 2 hours. Best suited for buzz cuts, caesar cuts and bowl cuts.

HH7 Ki – Point Cutting Shears

how to cut hair around ears with scissorsThe HH7 Ki is the perfect point cutting tool which also makes it ideal for trimming side hair and cutting behind the ear. The shears feature a crane shape handle, and are available in two sizes (5.5 and 6.0 inches). The shears are made in a premium molybdenum-alloy blend which gives it excellent dry cutting properties.

HHV Mamba – Hybrid Shears

cutting mens hair around earsThe HHV Mamba is an excellent hybrid shear which has amazing dry cutting properties. It is available in five sizes ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 inches. These shears have a countersunk locking tension control with a brushed handle. The 5.0 and 5.5 inch versions are best suited for trimming side hair – an ideal point cutting tool.

HH88 Eighty-Eight – Wet & Dry Cutting

cutting womens hair around earsThe HH88 Eight-Eight has a classic handle design and is made in Japanese stainless steel. This shear is perfect for both wet and dry cutting properties and is available in four sizes (5.0 to 6.5 inches). These shears have excellent ergonomic properties and we recommend you try the 6.5 inch shears for cutting hair around the ears.

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