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How to Become a Beauty Educator – Steps You Need to Take To Become a Beauty Educator

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Becoming an educator for a top beauty brand is a dream that many hair professionals in the beauty industry desire. Whether it be a virtual beauty trainer for a school, an In-salon trainer, a platform educator, or anything in between, becoming an educator in the beauty industry is a prestigious honor. The steps to becoming an educator as a hair professional are attainable, though it takes dedication and hard work to achieve it. Below you will find some of the steps it takes to become an educator in the beauty industry.

Pay Attention To What Becoming A Beauty Educator Means

As an educator in the hair world, it is crucial to be approachable and comfortable talking in front of people. Chatting with your clients all day is great practice for speaking and building relationships, just like you will have to do as an educator in the beauty industry. You are also working behind the chair as a hair professional builds confidence in your craft and a beauty professional themselves. A great way to build confidence and present yourself well is by hosting a small class for just your fellow salon or barbershop co-workers and teaching them a particular technique that you perform. Hosting a small class is a great way to get your feet wet and see if the educator route is really for you.

Pick an Area of Expertise ( Business, Cutting, Coloring)

There are many sections and beauty divisions of hair education to pick amongst; when deciding to become a beauty trainer, it’s essential to ask yourself what skills are you good at and what skills you love to perform. Not only do you need to pick an area to specialize in, but you also need to decide if you want to be a platform educator, an in-salon educator, or a traveling educator for a large beauty company. There are so many areas you can specialize in, from barbering to extensions to cutting and, of course, color services. Finding what you love and what you are good at naturally is vital.

Pick A Beauty Brand You Love And Believe In

Write down a list of your favorite beauty and hair care brands you use or wish to use. You will want to pick a few beauty brands because the first choice doesn’t always work out. Once you have your list of beauty brands, it’s time to research! Dig on social media, connect with educator teams from those brands, slide into their DM’s and ask questions. Linkedin is a great platform to build a resume and connect with other stylists and barbers who are professional hair educators. As well as Instagram is a great option to connect and gain access to crucial information about the brands you so dearly love. Ask the current educator staff essential questions about how they got into working for the business and any tips they may share with you. Making connections will help you get a foot in the door and gain knowledge about the companies.

Get Your Foot In The Door With A Reputable Brand

Working with a reputable beauty brand is important because knowing the brand that backs you is already established in the beauty industry will be comforting. Established beauty brands usually have an extensive education department that works closely with the educator to ensure they are successful and supported. Getting your foot in the door with one of these top beauty brands will take you putting yourself out there and digging to get to the right people to land an interview or demo.

Never Stop Educating Yourself

Knowledge is power. Learning as a hair professional is the most critical thing you can do. To be a successful educator for a reputable beauty brand, you must attain education and new and innovative skills. To stand out above the rest of the people who want to be an educator will give you a head shart, and to stand out, you should be educated and confident. If you are a beauty professional, you know how vital continuing education is. It speaks volumes when hair professionals better themselves even when they are at the top of their game.

Practice And Training Makes Perfect

Along with becoming extremely educated and confident, practice makes perfect! Whether that means practicing your skills in the salon or practicing your educator presentations, both need to be high quality and perfected so that when you go in for an interview, the brand is impressed and confident that you will represent their business to the highest standards. Another area to research is the background of a business, to attain knowledge on the skills, business, and principles. One-on-one training with reputable educators can give a hair professional a leg up in the beauty industry. Many top hair professionals will allow a stylist or barber to train with them; of course, there will most likely be a fee to pay, but knowledge and training are priceless, especially when helping you attain your dream.

Becoming an educator in the beauty industry is entirely attainable. These steps will help you build a foundation to excel as an educator. They will not only help you in the aspect of landing a job as an educator, but these steps will help you in your career as a beauty professional in many ways. Having a solid sense of confidence and knowledge is empowering and speaks volumes. If you are interested in becoming an educator for Hanzo Shears, click here to contact our education team.

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